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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2016The tectonic and metallogenic framework of Myanmar: A Tethyan mineral systemNicholas J. Gardiner; Laurence J. Robb; Christopher K. Morley; Michael P. Searle; Peter A. Cawood; Martin J. Whitehouse; Christopher L. Kirkland; Nick M.W. Roberts; Tin Aung Myint
1-Jan-2017Tectonic and metamorphic evolution of the Mogok Metamorphic and Jade Mines belts and ophiolitic terranes of Burma (Myanmar)M. P. Searle; C. K. Morley; D. J. Waters; N. J. Gardiner; U. Kyi Htun; Than Thannu; L. J. Robb
1-Feb-2018Tectonic compaction shortening in toe region of isolated listric normal fault, North Taranaki Basin, New ZealandChris K. Morley; Diako Hariri Naghadeh
2-Oct-2018Tectono-thermal evolution of a long-lived segment of the East African Rift System: Thermochronological insights from the North Lokichar Basin, Turkana, KenyaSamuel C. Boone; Barry P. Kohn; Andrew J.W. Gleadow; Christopher K. Morley; Christian Seiler; David A. Foster; Ling Chung
1-Nov-2007Ternarity, activity, and evolutionary state of the W UMa-type binary UX EridaniS. B. Qian; J. Z. Yuan; F. Y. Xiang; B. Soonthornthum; L. Y. Zhu; J. J. He
12-Feb-2014A three-component hydrograph separation based on geochemical tracers in a tropical mountainous headwater catchment in northern ThailandC. Hugenschmidt; J. Ingwersen; W. Sangchan; Y. Sukvanachaikul; A. Duffner; S. Uhlenbrook; T. Streck
1-Mar-2016Topological characteristics of simple and complex normal fault networksC. K. Morley; C. W. Nixon
1-Jan-2016Transit timing variation and transmission spectroscopy analyses of the hot Neptune GJ3470bS. Awiphan; E. Kerins; S. Pichadee; S. Komonjinda; V. S. Dhillon; W. Rujopakarn; S. Poshyachinda; T. R. Marsh; D. E. Reichart; K. M. Ivarsen; J. B. Haislip
1-Jan-2011The Transition from Conventional to Organic Rice Production in Northeastern Thailand: Prospect and ChallengesNatedao Taotawin
1-Sep-2017Tree bark as bioindicator of metal accumulation from road traffic and air quality map: A case study of Chiang Mai, ThailandRungruang Janta; Somporn Chantara
1-Aug-2006Triassic foraminifers of the Lampang Group (Northern Thailand)Fumio Kobayashi; Rossana Martini; Roberto Rettori; Louisette Zaninetti; Benjavun Ratanasthien; Haruo Saegusa; Hideo Nakaya
1-Sep-2018Tsunami awareness: a comparative assessment between Japan and the USAMiguel Esteban; Jeremy Bricker; Ricardo San Carlos Arce; Hiroshi Takagi; Namyi Y. Yun; Warathida Chaiyapa; Alexander Sjoegren; Tomoya Shibayama
1-Jan-2017The UN framework convention on climate change and judicial policies of domestic courtsAlexander Shytov
1-Jan-2017The UN Framework Convention on climate change and judicial policies of domestic courtsAlexander Shytov
1-Dec-2018Understanding Sibumasu in the context of ribbon continentsC. K. Morley
1-Jul-2006Upper devonian-lower carboniferous conodonts from Chiang Dao Cherts, Northern ThailandCarine Randon; Nutthawut Wonganan; Martial Caridroit; Marie France Perret-Mirouse; Jean Marie Degardin
1-Jan-2016Use of flue gas desulfurization gypsum for the removal of off-flavor compounds in fish pond waterNiwooti Whangchai; Redel Gutierrez; Udomluk Sompong; Supannee Suwanpakdee; Pornpimol Pimolrat; Tomoaki Itayama; Chalinda Ariyadet; Kanda Whangchai
1-Jul-2010Using radar data to extend the lead time of neural network forecasting on the river PingChaipimonplin Tawee; See M. Linda; Kneale E. Pauline
1-Dec-2006Utilization of biogas from pig farms for energy production and environmental ameliorationPoon Thiengburanathum
1-Mar-2016Utilization of coal bottom ash as raw material for production of ceramic floor tilesKasree Namkane; Wimol Naksata; Sakdiphon Thiansem; Ponlayuth Sooksamiti; Orn anong Arqueropanyo