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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Feb-2016Narrowing gaps between research and policy development in climate change adaptation work in the water resources and agriculture sectors of CambodiaVa Dany; Bhishna Bajracharya; Louis Lebel; Michael Regan; Ros Taplin
1-Jul-2015Neo-Tethyan magmatism and metallogeny in Myanmar - An Andean analogue?Nicholas J. Gardiner; Michael P. Searle; Laurence J. Robb; Christopher K. Morley
1-Jan-2017A new mechanistic framework for evaluation of cyclic behaviour of unsaturated unbound granular materialsPeerapong Jitsangiam; Suphat Chummuneerat; Korakod Nusit; Tawatchai Tanchaisawat; Hamid Nikraz
12-Dec-2008A new species of Bothriodontinae, Merycopotamus Thachangensis (Cetartiodactyla, Anthracotheriidae) from the late Miocene of Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern ThailandRattanaphorn Hanta; Benjavun Ratanasthien; Yutaka Kunimatsu; Haruo Saegusa; Hideo Nakaya; Shinji Nagaoka; Pratueng Jintasakul
1-Sep-2017New style of honeycomb structures revealed on 3D seismic data indicate widespread diagenesis offshore Great South Basin, New ZealandC. K. Morley; A. Maczak; T. Rungprom; J. Ghosh; J. A. Cartwright; C. Bertoni; N. Panpichityota
1-Dec-2008Nitrogen removal by a combined subsurface vertical down-flow and up-flow constructed wetland systemSuwasa Kantawanichkul; Kiattisak Pingkul; Hiroyuki Araki
1-Jan-2018Nonlinear strut-and-tie model with bond-slip effect for analysis of RC Beam-Column joints under lateral loadingRattapon Ketiyot; Chayanon Hansapinyo; Bhuddarak Charatpangoon
1-Dec-2012Northern Thailand geothermal resources and development - A review and 2012 updateFongsaward Suvagondha Singharajwarapan; Spencer H. Wood; Natthaporn Prommakorn; Lara Owens
1-Jan-2005Notes on Asian stegodontidsHaruo Saegusa; Yupa Thasod; Benjavun Ratanasthien
1-Jan-2016Numerical Synthesis Method of Ground Motions for Seismic Design of Near-Fault Bridge EngineeringShuanglan Wu; Bhuddarak Charatpangoon; Junji Kiyono
1-Sep-2006OH masers associated with bipolar outflow in ON1S. Nammahachak; K. Asanok; B. Hutawarakorn Kramer; R. J. Cohen; O. Muanwong; N. Gasiprong
1-Jan-2007Oils from cenozoic rift-basin in central and Northern Thailand: Source and thermal maturityH. I. Petersen; H. P. Nytoft; B. Ratanasthien; A. Foopatthanakamol
1-Jan-2017On the construction of the nodal exact finite element model for axially loaded pile in elasto-plastic soilChinnapat Buachart; Chayanon Hansapinyo
13-Mar-2006On-line removal of sulfide interference in phosphate determination by flow injection analysisMichael Grace; Yuthapong Udnan; Ian McKelvie; Jaroon Jakmunee; Kate Grudpan
1-Jan-2011Orbital solutions for six spectroscopic binaries with circular or nearly circular orbitsSiramas Komonjinda; John B. Hearnshaw; David J. Ramm
1-Mar-2017Origin of Permian OIB-like basalts in NW Thailand and implication on the Paleotethyan OceanYuejun Wang; Huiying He; Yuzhi Zhang; Boontarika Srithai; Qinglai Feng; Peter A. Cawood; Weiming Fan
17-Feb-2015Origin, structural geometry, and development of a giant coherent slide: The South Makassar Strait mass transport complexCipi Armandita; Chris K. Morley; Philip Rowell
1-Dec-2014Outcrop examples of soft-sediment deformation associated with normal fault terminations in deepwater, Eocene turbidites: A previously undescribed conjugate fault termination style?C. K. Morley
1-Oct-2013An overview of regional experiments on biomass burning aerosols and related pollutants in Southeast Asia: From BASE-ASIA and the Dongsha Experiment to 7-SEASNeng Huei Lin; Si Chee Tsay; Hal B. Maring; Ming Cheng Yen; Guey Rong Sheu; Sheng Hsiang Wang; Kai Hsien Chi; Ming Tung Chuang; Chang Feng Ou-Yang; Joshua S. Fu; Jeffrey S. Reid; Chung Te Lee; Lin Chi Wang; Jia Lin Wang; Christina N. Hsu; Andrew M. Sayer; Brent N. Holben; Yu Chi Chu; Xuan Anh Nguyen; Khajornsak Sopajaree; Shui Jen Chen; Man Ting Cheng; Ben Jei Tsuang; Chuen Jinn Tsai; Chi Ming Peng; Russell C. Schnell; Tom Conway; Chang Tang Chang; Kuen Song Lin; Ying I. Tsai; Wen Jhy Lee; Shuenn Chin Chang; Jyh Jian Liu; Wei Li Chiang; Shih Jen Huang; Tang Huang Lin; Gin Rong Liu
1-Feb-2006Oxygen isotope studies on placer sapphire and ruby in the Chanthaburi-Trat alkali basaltic gemfield, ThailandTzen Fu Yui; Chao Ming Wu; Phisit Limtrakun; Weerapan Sricharn; Apichet Boonsoong