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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2018Stochastic Gabor reflectivity and acoustic impedance inversionDIako Hariri Naghadeh; Christopher Keith Morley; Angus John Ferguson
1-Jan-2018Stratigraphy of deformed permian carbonate reefs in Saraburi Province, ThailandRomana E.C. Dew; Rosalind King; Alan S. Collins; Christopher K. Morley; Francesco Arboit; Stijn Glorie
1-Dec-2005Stress analysis of thin adhesive bonding dissimilar adherends single lap jointsThongchai Fongsamootr; Charoenyut Dechwayukul
1-Jan-2014Structural and fluid evolution of Saraburi Group sedimentary carbonates, central Thailand: A tectonically driven fluid systemJohn Warren; Christopher K. Morley; Thasinee Charoentitirat; Ian Cartwright; Prueksarat Ampaiwan; Patcharin Khositchaisri; Maryam Mirzaloo; Jakkrich Yingyuen
1-Jan-2020Structural and tectonic development of the Indo-Burma rangesC. K. Morley; Tin Tin Naing; M. Searle; S. A. Robinson
1-Dec-2007Structural geometry and timing of deformation in the Chainat duplex, ThailandM. Smith; S. Chantraprasert; C. K. Morley; I. Cartwright
1-Jan-2018Structure and evolution of the Ban Pong Basin, Chiang Mai Province, ThailandNiti Mankhemthong; Christopher K. Morley; Pratchaya Takaew; Brady P. Rhodes
1-Apr-2020Structure of the Mae On Depression, Chiang Mai province, based on gravity modelling and geological field observation: Implications for tectonic evolution of the Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai Suture Zone, Northern ThailandNiti Mankhemthong; Christopher K. Morley; Weerapan Srichan
21-Nov-2012A study of non-Keplerian velocities in observations of spectroscopic binary starsJ. B. Hearnshaw; Siramas Komonjinda; J. Skuljan; P. M. Kilmartin
1-Aug-2018Subsurface and outcrop characteristics of fluvial-dominated deep-lacustrine clinoformsRattanaporn Fongngern; Cornel Olariu; Ron Steel; David Mohrig; Csaba Krézsek; Thomas Hess
1-Jul-2019Suitable model for estimation of PM2.5 concentration using aerosol optical thickness (AOT) and ground based station: Under the dome in upper Northern, ThailandA. Charoenpanyanet; P. Hemwan
15-Nov-2019Sulphate Ion Interference on Oil Recovery Mechanism of Low Salinity Waterflooding in Dolomite ReservoirsChanapol Charoentanaworakun; Falan Srisuriyachai
2-Jul-2018Supportive Learning Tool for Electrical Machines Laboratory Using Video ClipsSomboon Nuchprayoon
1-Dec-2010Sustainable production consumption systems: Knowledge, engagement and practiceLouis Lebel; Sylvia Lorek; Rajesh Daniel
1-Aug-2015Syn-deformation temperature and fossil fluid pathways along an exhumed detachment zone, khao khwang fold-thrust belt, ThailandRowan L. Hansberry; Alan S. Collins; Rosalind C. King; Christopher K. Morley; Andy P. Gize; John Warren; Stefan C. Löhr; P. A. Hall
1-Feb-2017Syn-kinematic sedimentation at a releasing splay in the northern Minwun Ranges, Sagaing Fault zone, Myanmar: significance for fault timing and displacementChris K. Morley
1-Dec-2016The tectonic and metallogenic framework of Myanmar: A Tethyan mineral systemNicholas J. Gardiner; Laurence J. Robb; Christopher K. Morley; Michael P. Searle; Peter A. Cawood; Martin J. Whitehouse; Christopher L. Kirkland; Nick M.W. Roberts; Tin Aung Myint
1-Jan-2017Tectonic and metamorphic evolution of the Mogok Metamorphic and Jade Mines belts and ophiolitic terranes of Burma (Myanmar)M. P. Searle; C. K. Morley; D. J. Waters; N. J. Gardiner; U. Kyi Htun; Than Thannu; L. J. Robb
1-Feb-2018Tectonic compaction shortening in toe region of isolated listric normal fault, North Taranaki Basin, New ZealandChris K. Morley; Diako Hariri Naghadeh
2-Oct-2018Tectono-thermal evolution of a long-lived segment of the East African Rift System: Thermochronological insights from the North Lokichar Basin, Turkana, KenyaSamuel C. Boone; Barry P. Kohn; Andrew J.W. Gleadow; Christopher K. Morley; Christian Seiler; David A. Foster; Ling Chung