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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2018A photometric analysis of the neglected EW-type binary V336 TrAW. Kriwattanawong; T. Sarotsakulchai; S. Maungkorn; D. E. Reichart; J. B. Haislip; V. V. Kouprianov; A. P. LaCluyze; J. P. Moore
1-Oct-2018Photometric study and search for variable stars in the intermediate-age open cluster NGC 2126N. Chehlaeh; D. Mkrtichian; P. Lampens; S. Komonjinda; S. L. Kim; P. Van Cauteren; A. V. Kusakin; L. Glazunova
1-Nov-2013A photometric study of an ew-Type binary system: GV LeoWichean Kriwattanawong; Panomporn Poojon
1-Apr-2007A photometric study of the near contact binary UU LyncisLi Ying Zhu; Sheng Bang Qian; Soonthornthum Boonrucksar; Jia Jia He; Jin Zhao Yuan
8-Apr-2013PM10-bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Chiang Mai (Thailand): Seasonal variations, source identification, health risk assessment and their relationship to air-mass movementWan Wiriya; Tippawan Prapamontol; Somporn Chantara
1-Aug-2017Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their nitro derivatives from indoor biomass-fueled cooking in two rural areas of Thailand: a case studyWalaiporn Orakij; Thaneeya Chetiyanukornkul; Chieko Kasahara; Yaowatat Boongla; Thanyarat Chuesaard; Masami Furuuchi; Mitsuhiko Hata; Ning Tang; Kazuichi Hayakawa; Akira Toriba
1-Jan-2018A post-liquefaction study after the 2014 Chiang Rai Earthquake in ThailandSethapong Sethabouppha; Suriyah Tongmunee; Chollachai Kamtawai; Jittanan Kawilanan
1-Mar-2005Preliminary geochemical study of volcanic rocks in the Pang Mayao area, Phrao, Chiang Mai, northern Thailand: Tectonic setting of formationBurapha Phajuy; Yuenyong Panjasawatwong; Pukpong Osataporn
1-Nov-2018Probing into Thailand's basement: New insights from U–Pb geochronology, Sr, Sm–Nd, Pb and Lu–Hf isotopic systems from granitoidsRomana E.C. Dew; Alan S. Collins; Stijn Glorie; Christopher K. Morley; Morgan L. Blades; Simon Nachtergaele; Rosalind King; John Foden; Johan De Grave; Pitsanupong Kanjanapayont; Noreen J. Evans; Brandon L. Alessio; Punya Charusiri
1-Dec-2010Production-consumption systems and the pursuit of sustainabilityLouis Lebel; Sylvia Lorek
1-Apr-2011Projected climate change over Southeast Asia simulated using a WRF regional climate modelChakrit Chotamonsak; Eric P. Salathé; Jiemjai Kreasuwan; Somporn Chantara; Kingkeo Siriwitayakorn
1-Jan-2012The promise of flood protection: Dikes and dams, drains and diversionsLouis Lebel; Bach Tan Sinh; Po Garden; Suong Seng; Le Anh Tuan; Duong Van Truc
1-Feb-2017Propagation source wavelet phase extraction using multi-taper method coherence estimationDiako Hariri Naghadeh; Christopher Keith Morley
14-Jun-2018Pyrolysis of Corn Residues: Kinetic Analysis using Discrete Distributed Activation Energy ModelT. Onsree; P. Sittisun; R. Sasaki; N. Tippayawong
1-Nov-2019Quantitative interpretation of seismic attributes for reservoir characterization of Early-Middle Miocene syn- and post-rift successions (Songkhla Basin, Gulf of Thailand)Jidapa Phoosongsee; Christopher K. Morley; Angus J. Ferguson
1-Mar-2017Rainfall model investigation and scenario analyses of the effect of government reforestation policy on seasonal rainfalls: A case study from Northern ThailandEakkapong Duangdai; Chulin Likasiri
1-Nov-2005Reagent combinations in flocculationC. Rattanakawin; R. Hogg
1-Jan-2017Regional tectonics, structure and evolution of the Andaman-Nicobar Islands from ophiolite formation and obduction to collision and back-arc spreadingChris K. Morley; Mike Searle
1-Jan-2016Reliability analysis of pile driving formula for concrete driven piles in stiff soil layer: Case study in Chiang Mai ProvinceS. Thongmunee; A. Thongchai
1-Jan-2016Reply to discussion "Is spreading prolong, episodic or incipient in the Andaman Sea? Evidence from deepwater sedimentation" by J.R. Curray 2015C. K. Morley; A. Alvey