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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Differences in the element contents between gunshot entry wounds with full-jacketed bullet and lead bulletWunnapuk K.; Durongkadech P.; Minami T.; Ruangyuttikarn W.; Tohno S.; Vichairat K.; Azuma C.; Sribanditmongkol P.; Tohno Y.
2009Discrimination of bullet types using analysis of lead isotopes deposited in gunshot entry woundsWunnapuk K.; Minami T.; Durongkadech P.; Tohno S.; Ruangyuttikarn W.; Moriwake Y.; Vichairat K.; Sribanditmongkol P.; Tohno Y.
2014Kidney biomarkers in MCPA-induced acute kidney injury in rats: Reduced clearance enhances early biomarker performanceWunnapuk K.; Liu X.; Gobe G.C.; Endre Z.H.; Peake P.W.; Grice J.E.; Roberts M.S.; Buckley N.A.
2012Pathological and Toxicological Findings in Glyphosate-Surfactant Herbicide Fatality: A Case ReportSribanditmongkol P.; Jutavijittum P.; Pongraveevongsa P.; Wunnapuk K.; Durongkadech P.
2013Renal biomarkers predict nephrotoxicity after paraquatWunnapuk K.; Liu X.; Peake P.; Gobe G.; Endre Z.; Grice J.E.; Roberts M.S.; Buckley N.A.
2011Simple and sensitive liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry methods for quantification of paraquat in plasma and urine: Application to experimental and clinical toxicological studiesWunnapuk K.; Medley G.A.; Liu X.; Grice J.E.; Jayasinghe S.; Gawarammana I.; Buckley N.A.; Roberts M.S.
2014Use of a glyphosate-based herbicide-induced nephrotoxicity model to investigate a panel of kidney injury biomarkersWunnapuk K.; Gobe G.; Endre Z.; Peake P.; Grice J.E.; Roberts M.S.; Buckley N.A.; Liu X.