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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Adult-to-Adult Living Donor Liver Transplantation: Postoperative Outcomes and Quality of Life in Liver Donors: First Report in ThailandKanya Udomsin; Worakitti Lapisatepun; Anon Chotirosniramit; Trichak Sandhu; Veeravorn Ariyakachon; Suraphong Lorsomradee; Settapong Boonsri; Phuriphong Chanthima; Warangkana Lapisatepun; Quanhathai Kaewpoowat; Wasana Ko-iam; Sudarut Mueangin; Wilaiwan Chongruksut; Sunhawit Junrungsee
1-Jan-2018Comparative clinical outcomes after thymectomy for myasthenia gravis: Thoracoscopic versus trans-sternal approachSophon Siwachat; Apichat Tantraworasin; Worakitti Lapisatepun; Chidchanok Ruengorn; Emanuela Taioli; Somcharoen Saeteng
1-Jan-2020Influence of Large Grafts Weighing ≥ 1000 g on Outcome of Pure Laparoscopic Donor Right HepatectomyWorakitti Lapisatepun; Suk Kyun Hong; Kwangpyo Hong; Eui Soo Han; Jeong Moo Lee; Nam Joon Yi; Kwang Woong Lee; Kyung Suk Suh
1-Dec-2018Lacerated Liver Graft in an Open Abdomen Setting: A Case ReportSunhawit Junrungsee; Krongporn Ongprasert; Wasana Ko-Iam; Worakitti Lapisatepun; Tidarat Jirapongcharoenlap; Settapong Boonsri; Suraphong Lorsomradee; Anon Chotirosniramit; Trichak Sandhu
1-Jan-2018Price to pay; Portal vein arterialization for hepatic artery thrombosis after living donor liver transplantation; A case reportWorakitti Lapisatepun; Anon Chotirosniramit; Trichak Sandhu; Kanya Udomsin; Wasana Ko-iam; Phuriphong Chanthima; Warangkana Lapisatepun; Settapong Boonsri; Suraphong Lorsomradee; Quanhathai Kaewpoowat; Sunhawit Junrungsee
1-Jan-2017Prognostic factors and survival of patients with carcinoma of the ampulla of vater after pancreaticoduodenectomySunhawit Junrungsee; Ekkapope Kittivarakul; Wasana Ko-Iam; Worakitti Lapisatepun; Trichak Sandhu; Anon Chotirosniramit
1-Jan-2020Venovenous Bypass During Liver Transplantation: A New Look at an Old TechniqueWarangkana Lapisatepun; Worakitti Lapisatepun; Vatche Agopian; Victor W. Xia