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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2022Acute traumatic lateral atlantoaxial dislocation associated with locked atlas lateral mass and odontoid process fracture: A clinical case study and literature reviewWongthawat Liawrungrueang; Anupong Laohapoonrungsee; Torphong Bunmaprasert
14-Feb-2022The adjustable aiming device for caspar pin insertion in anterior cervical spine surgeryTorphong Bunmaprasert; Raphi Raphitphan; Nantawit Sugandhavesa; K. Daniel Riew; Wongthawat Liawrungrueang
1-Dec-2021The aiming device for cervical distractor pin insertion: a proof-of-concept, feasibility studyTorphong Bunmaprasert; Sittichai Luangkittikong; Menghong Tosinthiti; Supachoke Nivescharoenpisan; Raphi Raphitphan; Nantawit Sugandhavesa; Wongthawat Liawrungrueang; K. Daniel Riew
1-Dec-2021Anterior cervical spine surgery for treatment of secondary dysphagia associated with cervical myelopathy in patient with Forestier's diseaseWongthawat Liawrungrueang; Peem Sarasombath; Titinat Maihom; Waroon Tantivorawit; Nantawit Sugandhavesa; Torphong Bunmaprasert
1-Feb-2022Anterior screw fixation for type II odontoid process fractures: A single-center experience with the double Herbert screw fixation technique (Retrospective cohort study)Suthipas Pongmanee; Sitthikorn Kaensuk; Peem Sarasombath; Borvornsake Rojdumrongrattana; Noparoot Kritworakarn; Wongthawat Liawrungrueang
1-Jan-2022Atlas (C1) lateral mass screw placement using the intersection between lateral mass and inferomedial edge of the posterior arch: a cadaveric studyWongthawat Liawrungrueang; K. Daniel Riew; Nantawit Sugandhavesa; Torphong Bunmaprasert
1-Feb-2020Bilateral pure facet joint dislocation in thoracolumbar junction (T11–T12) without facet fracture using a 3D digital printing model for surgical planning: A case reportWongthawat Liawrungrueang; Tuanrit Sornsa-ard; Ekkarat Boonchieng
1-Apr-2022Can acute radiculopathy be caused by upper lumbar hemorrhagic synovial cyst spinal compression in the elderly?Wongthawat Liawrungrueang; Choksuphan Deevijit; Torphong Bunmaprasert
1-Jun-2022A computed tomographic morphometric analysis of the odontoid process for using anterior double Herbert screws fixation in the Southeast Asian populationSuthipas Pongmanee; Peem Sarasombath; Borvornsake Rojdumrongrattana; Sitthikorn Kaensuk; Wongthawat Liawrungrueang
1-Apr-2021Corrective osteotomy of global sagittal imbalance in the neglected fracture-dislocation thoracic spineTorphong Bunmaprasert; Nattharut Chaibhuddanugul; Jakkrit Keeratiruangrong; Raphi Raphitphan; Nantawit Sugandhavesa; Wongthawat Liawrungrueang
1-Jan-2021The intersection between lateral mass and inferomedial edge of the c1 posterior arch: A reference point for c1 lateral mass screw insertionTorphong Bunmaprasert; Watcharapong Puangkaew; Nantawit Sugandhavesa; Wongthawat Liawrungrueang; K. Daniel Riew
1-Nov-2021A multilevel noncontiguous spinal fracture with cervical and thoracic spinal cord injuryNantawit Sugandhavesa; Wongthawat Liawrungrueang; Komchat Kaewbuadee; Suthipas Pongmanee
1-Aug-2021Reducible nonunited type ii odontoid fracture with atlantoaxial instability: Outcomes of two different fixation techniquesTorphong Bunmaprasert; Vorapop Trirattanapikul; Nantawit Sugandhavesa; Areerak Phanphaisarn; Wongthawat Liawrungrueang; Phichayut Phinyo
1-Sep-2021Retro-odontoid pseudotumor concomitant with proximal adjacent cervical spondylotic myelopathy after multilevel anterior cervical discectomy and fusionWongthawat Liawrungrueang; Waroon Tantivorawit; Nantawit Sugandhavesa; Torphong Bunmaprasert
1-May-2022Spinal nerve compression after malunion of vertical sacrum fracturesNantawit Sugandhavesa; Noparoot Kritworakarn; Borvornsake Rojdumrongrattana; Peem Sarasombath; Wongthawat Liawrungrueang
1-Jan-2022Surgeons' Perspective, Learning Curve, Motivation, and Obstacles of Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery in Thailand: Results from A Nationwide SurveyVit Kotheeranurak; Wongthawat Liawrungrueang; Verapan Kuansongtham; Pornpavit Sriphirom; Narongsak Bamrungthin; Gun Keorochana; Pritsanai Pruttikul; Worawat Limthongkul; Weerasak Singhatanadgige; Suthipas Pongmanee; Rattalerk Arunakul; Monchai Ruangchainikom; Phanunan Sasiprapha; Roongrath Chitragarn; Saran Pairuchvej; Teerachat Tanasansomboon; Khanathip Jitpakdee
1-Jan-2021Surgical management of Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis (DISH) causing secondary dysphagia (Narrative review)Torphong Bunmaprasert; Jakkrit Keeratiruangrong; Nantawit Sugandhavesa; K. Daniel Riew; Wongthawat Liawrungrueang
1-Dec-2021Symptomatic retro-odontoid pseudotumor causing calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate deposition combined with multilevel cervical spondylotic myelopathySuthipas Pongmanee; Sitthikorn Kaensuk; Worapat Suppagornmongkol; Wongthawat Liawrungrueang
9-Jun-2021Talaromycosis marneffei of the Cervical Spine: An Unusual InfectionTorphong Bunmaprasert; Meen Munpinit; Nantawit Sugandhavesa; Wongthawat Liawrungrueang
1-May-2022An Unusual Chordoma of the Odontoid Process: A Case Report and Literature ReviewSuthipas Pongmanee; Peem Sarasombath; Borvornsake Rojdumrongrattana; Wongthawat Liawrungrueang