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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Apr-2015Comorbid personality disorders among patients with depressionWongpakaran N.; Wongpakaran T.; Boonyanaruthee V.; Pinyopornpanish M.; Intaprasert S.
2013A comparison of Cohen's Kappa and Gwet's AC1 when calculating inter-rater reliability coefficients: A study conducted with personality disorder samplesWongpakaran N.; Wongpakaran T.; Wedding D.; Gwet K.L.
1-Jan-2015Comparisons of guardianship laws and surrogate decision-making practices in China, Japan, Thailand and Australia: A review by the Asia Consortium, International Psychogeriatric Association (IPA) capacity taskforceTsoh J.; Tsoh J.; Tsoh J.; Peisah C.; Peisah C.; Peisah C.; Narumoto J.; Narumoto J.; Wongpakaran N.; Wongpakaran T.; O'Neill N.; O'Neill N.; O'Neill N.; Jiang T.; Jiang T.; Ogano S.; Ogano S.; Mimura M.; Mimura M.; Kato Y.; Kato Y.; Chiu H.; Chiu H.
-Confirmatory factor analysis of the revised version of the Thai multidimensional scale of perceived social support among the elderly with depressionWongpakaran T.; Wongpakaran N.; Sirirak T.; Arunpongpaisal S.; Zimet G.
16-Aug-2016Depression and pain: Testing of serial multiple mediatorsWongpakaran T.; Wongpakaran N.; Tanchakvaranont S.; Bookkamana P.; Pinyopornpanish M.; Wannarit K.; Satthapisit S.; Nakawiro D.; Hiranyatheb T.; Thongpibul K.
2011Diagnosing delirium in elderly Thai patients: Utilization of the CAM algorithmWongpakaran N.; Wongpakaran T.; Bookamana P.; Pinyopornpanish M.; Maneeton B.; Lerttrakarnnon P.; Uttawichai K.; Jiraniramai S.
2011The effect of telephone-based intervention (TBI) in alcohol abusers: A pilot studyWongpakaran T.; Petcharaj K.; Wongpakaran N.; Sombatmai S.; Boripuntakul T.; Intarakamhaeng D.; Wannarit K.
1Functional beliefs and risk minimizing beliefs among Thai healthcare workers in Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai hospital: Its association with intention to quit tobacco and alcoholJiraniramai S.; Jiraporncharoen W.; Pinyopornpanish K.; Jakkaew N.; Wongpakaran T.; Angkurawaranon C.
2012Gender differences, attachment styles, self-esteem and romantic relationships in ThailandWongpakaran T.; Wongpakaran N.; Wedding D.
2013The Group Cohesiveness Scale (GCS) for Psychiatric InpatientsWongpakaran T.; Wongpakaran N.; Intachote-Sakamoto R.; Boripuntakul T.
16-May-2015The influence of comorbid personality disorders on recovery from depressionWongpakaran T.; Wongpakaran N.; Boonyanaruthee V.; Pinyopornpanish M.; Intaprasert S.
1-Jul-2012Interpersonal problems among psychiatric outpatients and non-clinical samplesWongpakaran T.; Wongpakaran N.; Sirithepthawee U.; Pratoomsri W.; Burapakajornpong N.; Rangseekajee P.; Bookkamana P.; Temboonkiat A.
2012Interrater reliability of Thai version of the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis II Personality Disorders (T-SCID II)Wongpakaran T.; Wongpakaran N.; Bookkamana P.; Boonyanaruthee V.; Pinyopornpanish M.; Likhitsathian S.; Suttajit S.; Srisutadsanavong U.
1-Jan-2016Learning styles, academic achievement, and mental health problems among medical students in ThailandPaiboonsithiwong S.; Kunanitthaworn N.; Songtrijuck N.; Wongpakaran N.; Wongpakaran T.
-Pathogenic beliefs among patients with depressive disordersNeelapaijit A.; Wongpakaran T.; Wongpakaran N.; Thongpibul K.
2005Personality disorders in medical students: Measuring by IPDE-10Wongpakaran N.; Wongpakaran T.
2012Prevalence of major depressive disorders and suicide in long-term care facilities: a report from northern ThailandWongpakaran N.; Wongpakaran T.
2011Reliability and Validity of the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS): Thai VersionWongpakaran T.; Wongpakaran N.; Ruktrakul R.
2012A revised thai Multi-dimensional Scale of Perceived Social SupportWongpakaran N.; Wongpakaran T.
1-Nov-2012A revised Thai Multi-dimensional Scale of Perceived Social SupportWongpakaran N.; Wongpakaran T.