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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Apr-2014A biomarker found in cadmium exposed residents of thailand by metabolome analysisDhitiwass Suvagandha; Muneko Nishijo; Witaya Swaddiwudhipong; Ruymon Honda; Morimasa Ohse; Tomiko Kuhara; Hideaki Nakagawa; Werawan Ruangyuttikarn
1-Jan-2010Bone resorption acceleration and calcium reabsorption impairment in a Thai population with high cadmium exposureKowit Nambunmee; Ryumond Honda; Muneko Nishijo; Witaya Swaddiwudhipong; Hideaki Nakagawa; Werawan Ruangyuttikarn
1-Sep-2010Cadmium induced renal dysfunction among residents of rice farming area downstream from a zinc-mineralized belt in ThailandRyumon Honda; Witaya Swaddiwudhipong; Muneko Nishijo; Pranee Mahasakpan; Wimonrat Teeyakasem; Werawan Ruangyuttikarn; Soisungwan Satarug; Chantana Padungtod; Hideaki Nakagawa
1-Dec-2010Cadmium-exposed population in Mae sot district, Tak province: 4 bone mineral density in persons with high cadmium exposurePisit Limpatanachote; Witaya Swaddiwudhipong; Muneko Nishijo; Ryumon Honda; Pranee Mahasakpan; Kowit Nambunmee; Werawan Ruangyuttikarn
1-Feb-2016DNA methylation is differentially associated with environmental cadmium exposure based on sex and smoking statusShama Virani; Katie M. Rentschler; Muneko Nishijo; Werawan Ruangyuttikarn; Witaya Swaddiwudhipong; Niladri Basu; Laura S. Rozek
1-Dec-2016Fractional excretion of calcium, a sensitive marker for calcium wasting in cadmium-exposed womenKowit Nambunmee; Witaya Swaddiwudhipong; Werawan Ruangyuttikarn
10-Apr-2017Gender-specific impact of cadmium exposure on bone metabolism in older people living in a cadmium-polluted area in ThailandMuneko Nishijo; Kowit Nambunmee; Dhitiwass Suvagandha; Witaya Swaddiwudhipong; Werawan Ruangyuttikarn; Yoshikazu Nishino
1-May-2013Modeling cadmium exposures in low- and high-exposure areas in ThailandSoisungwan Satarug; Witaya Swaddiwudhipong; Werawan Ruangyuttikarn; Muneko Nishijo; Patricia Ruiz
9-Jul-2014Risk assessment for Thai population: Benchmark dose of urinary and blood cadmium levels for renal effects by hybrid approach of inhabitants living in polluted and non-polluted areas in ThailandMuneko Nishijo; Yasushi Suwazono; Werawan Ruangyuttikarn; Kowit Nambunmee; Witaya Swaddiwudhipong; Kazuhiro Nogawa; Hideaki Nakagawa
14-Nov-2013Use of the kidney injury molecule-1 as a biomarker for early detection of renal tubular dysfunction in a population chronically exposed to cadmium in the environmentWerawan Ruangyuttikarn; Amnart Panyamoon; Kowit Nambunmee; Ryumon Honda; Witaya Swaddiwudhipong; Muneko Nishijo