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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Backfat characteristics of barrows and gilts fed on tuna oil supplemented diets during the growing-finishing periodsJaturasitha S.; Srikanchai T.; Chakeredza S.; Ter Meulen U.; Wicke M.
2014Can calcium chloride injection facilitate the ageing-derived improvement in the quality of meat from culled dairy cows?Bunmee T.; Jaturasitha S.; Kreuzer M.; Wicke M.
2008Carcass and meat characteristics of male chickens between Thai indigenous compared with improved layer breeds and their crossbredJaturasitha S.; Kayan A.; Wicke M.
2009Carcass and meat quality of Thai native cattle fattened on Guinea grass (Panicum maxima) or Guinea grass-legume (Stylosanthes guianensis) pasturesJaturasitha S.; Norkeaw R.; Vearasilp T.; Wicke M.; Kreuzer M.
2014Carcass characteristics and meat quality of swamp buffaloes (bubalus bubalis) fattened at different feeding intensitiesLambertz C.; Panprasert P.; Holtz W.; Moors E.; Jaturasitha S.; Wicke M.; Gauly M.
1-Dec-2012Comparison of fatty acid composition between white Lamphun and Brahman crossbred cattle raised with fresh pangola grassChaiwang N.; Jaturasitha S.; Sringarm K.; Bunmee T.; Chomchai N.; Prakotrat D.; Pugdeethai K.; Chaichaum W.; Wicke M.
1-Jan-2015Comparison of the fatty acid profiles of the meat of crossbreds with 75% charolais blood proportion and Thai indigenous Upland cattleChaiwang N.; Jaturasitha S.; Sringam K.; Wicke M.; Kreuzer M.
2014Comparison of the meat quality of Thai indigenous Upland Cattle and F2-crossbreds with 75% Charolais blood proportionChaiwang N.; Jaturasitha S.; Sringam K.; Wicke M.; Kreuzer M.
2008Differences in carcass and meat characteristics between chicken indigenous to Northern Thailand (Black-Boned and Thai native) and imported extensive breeds (Bresse and Rhode Island Red)Jaturasitha S.; Srikanchai T.; Kreuzer M.; Wicke M.
1-Jan-2015Effects of different finishing feeding strategies for culled cows on lipid and organoleptic characteristics of the meatBunmee T.; Jaturasitha S.; Wicke M.; Kreuzer M.
1-Dec-2012Utilization of agro-food industry by-products in the finishing of culled dairy cows: Effects on meat qualityBunmee T.; Jaturasitha S.; Chaiwang N.; Kreuzer M.; Wicke M.