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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2011Capacity-building model for nurses in carrying out family-based health service at selected primary care units in Northern ThailandJitnatee Kaney Ritchie; Wilawan Senaratana; Wichit Srisuphan; Yuwayong Juntarawijit; Bernice J M West
1-May-2020A causal model of caregiving burden among dementia caregiversChalinee Suvanayos; Darawan Thapinta; Wichit Srisuphan; Hunsa Sethabouppha; Sirirat Panuthai
1-Dec-2005Development of indicators to assess the quality of nursing care in ThailandWipada Kunaviktikul; Robert L. Anders; Ratanawadee Chontawan; Ramual Nuntasupawat; Wichit Srisuphan; Orapun Pumarporn; Somchit Hanuchareonkul; Sommai Hirunnuj
1-Jan-2016Development of performance indicators for Thai autonomous university hospitalsWipada Kunaviktikul; Wichit Srisuphan; Wanchai Moongtui; Susanha Yimyam; Nuttamon Vuttanon
1-Jul-2009Development of the exercise self-efficacy scale for Chinese older adultsGuo Hong; Sirirat Panuthai; Wichit Srisuphan; Taweeluk Wannarit
1-Sep-2010Effects of a cognitive adjustment program for Thai parentsNantaga Sawasdipanich; Wichit Srisuphan; Jarassri Yenbut; Sujitra Tiansawad; Janice C. Humphreys
1-Jun-2007Effects of a diabetes self-management program on glycemic control, coronary heart disease risk, and quality of life among Thai patients with type 2 diabetesChodchoi Wattana; Wichit Srisuphan; Linchong Pothiban; Sandra L. Upchurch
1-Jan-2010Effects of the transitional care program on functional ability and quality of life of stroke survivorsSalee Chalermwannapong; Sirirat Panuthai; Wichit Srisuphan; Paungpayom Panya; Sharon K. Ostwald
1-Jan-2009Factors affecting Thai workers' use of hearing protection.Kunlayanee Tantranont; Wichit Srisuphan; Thanee Kaewthummanukul; Weeraporn Suthakorn; Pantip Jormsri; Mary K. Salazar
1-Dec-2011Impact of nurse work environment and staffing on hospital nurse and quality of care in ThailandApiradee Nantsupawat; Wichit Srisuphan; Wipada Kunaviktikul; Orn Anong Wichaikhum; Yupin Aungsuroch; Linda H. Aiken
1-Sep-2005Issues and challenges in international doctoral education in nursingShaké Ketefian; Patricia Davidson; John Daly; Esther Chang; Wichit Srisuphan
1-Feb-2011Multimedia computer-assisted instruction for carers on exercise for older people: Development and testingMuthita Ponpaipan; Wichit Srisuphan; Sutthichai Jitapunkul; Sirirat Panuthai; Ouyporn Tonmukayakul; Alison While
1-May-2007Opinions of parents, teachers and school board members regarding healthy eating: A qualitative investigation of lay Thai people's perspectivesKanyarat Korwanich; Aubrey Sheiham; Wichit Srisuphan; Patcharawan Srisilapanan
1-Jan-2020Prevalence and risk factors of workplace violence among registered nurses in tertiary hospitalsSujittra Chaiwuth; Chawapornpan Chanprasit; Thanee Kaewthummanukul; Jantararat Chareosanti; Wichit Srisuphan; Teresa Elizabeth Stone
1-Mar-2008Promoting healthy eating in nursery schoolchildren: A quasi-experimental intervention studyKanyarat Korwanich; Aubrey Sheiham; Wichit Srisuphan; Patcharawan Srisilapanan
1-Jan-2020Scale Development and Validation to Measure Occupational Health Literacy Among Thai Informal WorkersWeeraporn Suthakorn; Wanpen Songkham; Kunlayanee Tantranont; Wichit Srisuphan; Pokin Sakarinkhul; Jakkapob Dhatsuwan
1-Jan-2010Usability testing of a self-learning computer program on exercise for older adults used by health volunteersMuthita Ponpaipan; Wichit Srisuphan; Sutthichai Jitapunkul; Sirirat Panuthai; Ouyporn Tonmukayakul