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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jul-2018Comparison of particle swarm optimization and differential evolution for aggregators’ profit maximization in the demand response systemNuttachat Wisittipanit; Warisa Wisittipanich
1-Jan-2015Differential evolution algorithm for storage location assignment problemWarisa Wisittipanich; Pongsakorn Meesuk
1-Nov-2019Integrating scheduling with optimal sublot for parallel machine with job splitting and dependent setup timesKanchana Sethanan; Warisa Wisittipanich; Nuttachat Wisittipanit; Krisanarach Nitisiri; Karn Moonsri
1-Jan-2019A literature review and further research direction in cross-dockingDollaya Buakum; Warisa Wisittipanich
1-Jan-2018A mathematical model for outbound truck scheduling with multiple trips in multi-door cross docking systemNattapong Kamsura; Warisa Wisittipanich
1-Jan-2015Metaheuristics for warehouse storage location assignment problemsWarisa Wisittipanich; Chompoonoot Kasemset
1-Sep-2015A multi-objective differential evolution for Just-In-Time door assignment and truck scheduling in multi-door Cross docking problemsWarisa Wisittipanich; Piya Hengmeechai
1-Jan-2019Optimal design of pipe diameter in water distribution system by multi-objective differential evolution algorithm: A case study of small town in Chiang MaiWarisa Wisittipanich; Dollaya Buakum
1-Jan-2016Particle swarm optimization for just-in-time trucks scheduling in cross docking terminalsWarisa Wisittipanich; Piya Hengmeechai
1-Jan-2019Particle swarm optimization for post box collection routing problemWarisa Wisittipanich; Kritsada Ananthapanyasut
1-Jan-2017Thailand logistics trend: Logistics performance indexAlonggot Limcharoen; Varattaya Jangkrajarng; Warisa Wisittipanich; Sakgasem Ramingwong
1-Nov-2017Truck scheduling in multi-door cross docking terminal by modified particle swarm optimizationWarisa Wisittipanich; Piya Hengmeechai
1-Jan-2019Truck scheduling problems in the cross docking networkWarisa Wisittipanich; Takashi Irohara; Piya Hengmeechai