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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2020Epidemiology and treatment of atrial fibrillation in patients with type 2 diabetes in the UK, 2001–2016Hassan Alwafi; Ian C.K. Wong; Amitava Banerjee; Pajaree Mongkhon; Cate Whittlesea; Abdallah Y. Naser; Wallis C.Y. Lau; Li Wei
1-Jan-2020Gastrointestinal bleeding risk with rivaroxaban vs aspirin in atrial fibrillation: A multinational studyLaura Fanning; Ian C.K. Wong; Xue Li; Esther W. Chan; Pajaree Mongkhon; Kenneth K.C. Man; Li Wei; Wai K. Leung; Peteris Darzins; Simon Bell; Jenni Ilomaki; Wallis C.Y. Lau
1-Jan-2021Non-vitamin K oral anticoagulants and risk of fractures: A systematic review and meta-analysisPajaree Mongkhon; Laura Fanning; Kirstie H.T.W. Wong; Kenneth K.C. Man; Ian C.K. Wong; Wallis C.Y. Lau
1-Jan-2020Oral anticoagulant and reduced risk of dementia in patients with atrial fibrillation: A population-based cohort studyPajaree Mongkhon; Laura Fanning; Wallis C.Y. Lau; Gary Tse; Kui Kai Lau; Li Wei; Chuenjid Kongkaew; Ian C.K. Wong
1-Jan-2019Oral anticoagulants and risk of dementia: A systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies and randomized controlled trialsPajaree Mongkhon; Abdallah Y. Naser; Laura Fanning; Gary Tse; Wallis C.Y. Lau; Ian C.K. Wong; Chuenjid Kongkaew
1-Jan-2020Patterns and factors influencing oral anticoagulant prescription in people with atrial fibrillation and dementia: Results from UK primary carePajaree Mongkhon; Hassan Alwafi; Laura Fanning; Wallis C.Y. Lau; Li Wei; Chuenjid Kongkaew; Ian C.K. Wong