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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2019Electrochromic properties of tungsten oxide films prepared by sparking method using external electric fieldW. Thongpan; D. Louloudakis; P. Pooseekheaw; T. Kumpika; E. Kantarak; A. Panthawan; A. Tuantranont; W. Thongsuwan; P. Singjai
1-Oct-2021External electric and magnetic fields enhanced photocatalytic efficiency of TiO<inf>2</inf> nanoparticulate films prepared by sparking processA. Hankhuntod; W. Thongpan; P. Pooseekheaw; E. Kantarak; W. Sroila; A. Panthawan; T. Kumpika; P. Singjai; W. Thongsuwan
12-Jul-2018External-electric-field-enhanced uniformity and deposition rate of a TiO<inf>2</inf>film prepared by the sparking processW. Thongpan; T. Kumpika; E. Kantarak; A. Panthawan; P. Pooseekheaw; P. Singjai; A. Tuantranont; W. Thongsuwan
3-Jul-2018Morphology and phase transformation of copper/aluminium oxide filmsA. Panthawan; T. Kumpika; W. Sroila; E. Kantarak; W. Thongpan; P. Pooseekheaw; R. Sornphanpee; N. Jumrus; P. Sanmuangmoon; A. Tuantranont; P. Singjai; W. Thongsuwan
1-Sep-2021Photoinduced current generation and photocatalytic activity of tio2-fe2o3 nanoparticles coated mwcnts films prepared by sparking processW. Sroila; A. Panthawan; N. Jumrus; W. Thongpan; E. Kantarak; T. Kumpika; P. Singjai; W. Thongsuwan
1-Jan-2020Stretchable and compressible strain sensors for gait monitoring constructed using carbon nanotube/graphene compositeT. Kumpika; E. Kantarak; A. Sriboonruang; W. Sroila; P. Tippo; W. Thongpan; P. Pooseekheaw; A. Panthawan; N. Jumrus; P. Sanmuangmoon; N. Jhuntama; M. Hankhuntod; R. Nuansri; O. Wiranwetchayan; W. Thongsuwan; P. Singjai