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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Application of pH indicator labelling for monitoring the quality of mango ‘Nam Dok Mai See Thong’ in modified atmosphere packagingW. Kumpoun; J. Uthaibutra; P. Raveeyan
4-Apr-2018Cell death due to chilling injury of mango cultivars ‘Nam Dok Mai No.4’, ‘Nam Dok Mai Si Thong’ and ‘Mahachanok’ during low temperature storageU. Chanasut; J. Jindaluang; S. Techakaew; W. Kumpoun
15-Nov-2013Changes in peel color and cuticle components of mango skin affected by temperature treatment after harvestY. Motomura; T. Nishizawa; W. Kumpoun
30-Aug-2018Degradation of pesticide residue in 'Mahajanaka' mango fruit during storage at different conditionsW. Pattanapo; N. Boonrueng; W. Kumpoun; U. Chanasut
1-Jan-2013Development of bee wax coating materials for 'Sai Nam Pueng' tangerine fruitW. Kumpoun; B. Chuttong; J. Uthaibutra
1-Jan-2013Effects of 1-MCP and DPA on the changes in sesquiterpene and total phenol contents associated with superficial browning in ripe mango skinsY. Motomura; T. Nishizawa; A. Katsuta; A. Ishida; W. Kumpoun; T. Puthmee
1-Jan-2015Free and bound polyphenols in mango fruit peel as functional food ingredients with high antioxidant activityW. Kumpoun; Y. Motomura; T. Nishizawa
11-Nov-2010Relationship between susceptibility to Anthracnose disease and antifungal compounds content in fruit latex of Thai mangoW. Kumpoun; D. Boonyakiat
5-Oct-2018Shelf and storage life extension by beeswax coating for 'Pan' lime fruit from two production locationsW. Kumpoun; J. Uthaibutra
1-Jan-2013Storage life extension at 5°C of 'Nam Dok Mai See Thong' mango by perforated packageW. Kumpoun; J. Uthaibutra
1-Jan-2008Storage life extension of 'Sai Nam Pueng' tangerine fruit by using three different coating materialsW. Kumpoun; K. Andgard; J. Uthaibutra
29-Oct-2010Storage life extension of exported 'Nam Dokmai' mango by refrigerated modified atmosphere packingW. Kumpoun; J. Uthaibutra
1-Dec-2011Tangerine quality monitoring by ethanol concentration measurementS. Wongsila; W. Kumpoun; A. Gardchareon; D. Wongratanaphisan; S. Choopun