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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2008Associations of substance abuse and sexual risks with self-reported depressive symptoms in young adults in Northern ThailandDavid D. Celentano; Apinun Aramrattana; Catherine G. Sutcliffe; Bangorn Sirirojn; Vu Minh Quan; Sineenart Taechareonkul; Susan Sherman; Kamolrawee Sintupat; Nicholas Thomson; Carl Latkin
1-Feb-2009The efficacy of a network intervention to reduce HIV risk behaviors among drug users and risk partners in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Philadelphia, USACarl A. Latkin; Deborah Donnell; David Metzger; Susan Sherman; Apinun Aramrattna; Annet Davis-Vogel; Vu Minh Quan; Sharavi Gandham; Tasanai Vongchak; Tom Perdue; David D. Celentano
1-May-2009Incidence of HIV and sexually transmitted infections and risk factors for acquisition among young methamphetamine users in northern ThailandCatherine G. Sutcliffe; Apinun Aramrattana; Susan G. Sherman; Bangorn Sirirojn; Danielle German; Kanlaya Wongworapat; Vu Minh Quan; Rassamee Keawvichit; David D. Celentano
1-Dec-2010Mortality among injection drug users in northern thailand: A prospective cohort studyVu Minh Quan; Apinun Aramrattana; Tasanai Vongchak; Carl Latkin; Deborah Donnell; Ting Yuan Liu; Kanokporn Wiboonnatakul; David D. Celentano
1-Mar-2007Predictors of mortality among injecting and non-injecting HIV-negative drug users in northern ThailandVu Minh Quan; Tasanai Vongchak; Jaroon Jittiwutikarn; Surinda Kawichai; Namtip Srirak; Kanokporn Wiboonnatakul; Myat Htoo Razak; Vinai Suriyanon; David D. Celentano
1-Apr-2008Sexually transmitted infections and sexual and substance use correlates among young adults in Chiang Mai, ThailandDavid D. Celentano; Bangorn Sirirojn; Catherine G. Sutcliffe; Vu Minh Quan; Nicholas Thomson; Rassamee Keawvichit; Kanlaya Wongworapat; Carl Latkin; Sineenart Taechareonkul; Susan G. Sherman; Apinun Aramrattana
1-Jul-2012Towards combination HIV prevention for injection drug users: Addressing addictophobia, apathy and inattentionSteffanie A. Strathdee; Steven Shoptaw; Typhanye Penniman Dyer; Vu Minh Quan; Apinun Aramrattana