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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-20177-Hexagon Multifocal Electroretinography for an Objective Functional Assessment of the Macula in 14 SecondsEtienne M. Schönbach; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol; Rachel Annam; Emma C. McDonnell; Yulia Wolfson; Emily Fletcher; Hendrik P.N. Scholl
1-Jan-2020Baseline predictors for visual acuity loss during observation in diabetic macular oedema with good baseline visual acuityCatharina Busch; Mali Okada; Dinah Zur; Samantha Fraser-Bell; Patricio J. Rodríguez-Valdés; Zafer Cebeci; Marco Lupidi; Adrian T. Fung; Pierre Henry Gabrielle; Ermete Giancipoli; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol; Inês Laíns; Ana Rita Santos; Paradee Kunavisarut; Anna Sala-Puigdollers; Jay Chhablani; Malgorzata Ozimek; Assaf Hilely; Valentin Degenhardt; Anat Loewenstein; Matias Iglicki; Matus Rehak
1-Apr-2019Causative Pathogens of Endophthalmitis after Intravitreal Anti-VEGF Injection: An International Multicenter StudyCatharina Busch; Matias Iglicki; Mali Okada; Pierre Henry Gabrielle; Shai Cohen; Miriana Mariussi; Atchara Amphornphruet; Zafer Cebeci; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol; Aude Couturier; Samantha Fraser-Bell; Adrian T. Fung; Danilo Iannetta; Liga Radecka; Inês Laíns; Tiago M. Rodrigues; Marco Lupidi; Małgorzata Ozimek; Anna Sala-Puigdollers; Matus Rehak; Anat Loewenstein; Dinah Zur
1-Jan-2019Characteristics and Outcomes of Pars Plana Vitrectomy for Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy Patients in a Limited Resource Tertiary Center over an Eight-Year PeriodJanejit Choovuthayakorn; Preeyanuch Khunsongkiet; Direk Patikulsila; Nawat Watanachai; Paradee Kunavisarut; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol; Nimitr Ittipunkul
1-Aug-2018Color Fundus Photography, Optical Coherence Tomography, and Fluorescein Angiography in Diagnosing Polypoidal Choroidal VasculopathyVoraporn Chaikitmongkol; Preeyanuch Khunsongkiet; Direk Patikulsila; Mansing Ratanasukon; Nawat Watanachai; Chaisiri Jumroendararasame; Catherine B. Mayerle; Ian C. Han; Connie J. Chen; Pawara Winaikosol; Chutikarn Dejkriengkraikul; Janejit Choovuthayakorn; Paradee Kunavisarut; Neil M. Bressler
1-Jan-2019DEXAMETHASONE IMPLANT FOR DIABETIC MACULAR EDEMA IN NAIVE COMPARED WITH REFRACTORY EYES: The International Retina Group Real-Life 24-Month Multicenter Study. The IRGREL-DEX StudyMatias Iglicki; Catharina Busch; Dinah Zur; Mali Okada; Miriana Mariussi; Jay Kumar Chhablani; Zafer Cebeci; Samantha Fraser-Bell; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol; Aude Couturier; Ermete Giancipoli; Marco Lupidi; Patricio J. Rodríguez-Valdés; Matus Rehak; Adrian Tien Chin Fung; Michaella Goldstein; Anat Loewenstein
1-Jan-2019Disorganization of retinal inner layers as a biomarker in patients with diabetic macular oedema treated with dexamethasone implantDinah Zur; Matias Iglicki; Anna Sala-Puigdollers; Jay Chhablani; Marco Lupidi; Samantha Fraser-Bell; Thais Sousa Mendes; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol; Zafer Cebeci; Dolev Dollberg; Catharina Busch; Alessandro Invernizzi; Zohar Habot-Wilner; Anat Loewenstein
1-Jan-2020Epidemiology and Outcomes Following Open Globe Injury in Agricultural Region, an 11-Year ExperiencePongsant Supreeyathitikul; Susama Chokesuwattanaskul; Janejit Choovuthayakorn; Direk Patikulsila; Nawat Watanachai; Paradee Kunavisarut; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol
1-Jan-2020Epidemiology of eye injuries resulting in hospitalization, a referral hospital-based studyJanejit Choovuthayakorn; Varisaporn Worakriangkrai; Direk Patikulsila; Nawat Watanachai; Paradee Kunavisarut; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol; Dao Luewattananont; Napaporn Tananuvat
1-Dec-2021Factors associated with 1-year visual response following intravitreal bevacizumab treatment for diabetic macular edema: a retrospective single center studyJanejit Choovuthayakorn; Apichat Tantraworasin; Phichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond; Paradee Kunavisarut; Titipol Srisomboon; Pawara Winaikosol; Direk Patikulsila; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol; Nawat Watanachai; Kessara Pathanapitoon
1-Dec-2021GRAding of functional and anatomical response to DExamethasone implant in patients with Diabetic Macular Edema: GRADE-DME StudyPatricio J. Rodríguez-Valdés; Matus Rehak; Dinah Zur; Anna Sala-Puigdollers; Samantha Fraser-Bell; Marco Lupidi; Jay Chhablani; Zafer Cebeci; Inês Laíns; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol; Adrian T. Fung; Mali Okada; Jan Darius Unterlauft; Lital Smadar; Anat Loewenstein; Matias Iglicki; Catharina Busch
28-Apr-2022Idiopathic Epiretinal Membranes: Visual Outcomes and Prognostic FactorsParadee Kunavisarut; Montana Supawongwattana; Direk Patikulsila; Janejit Choovuthayakorn; Nawat Watanachai; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol; Kessara Pathanapitoon; Aniki Rothova
1-Jan-2014Intraretinal fibrosis in exudative diabetic macular edema after ranibizumab treatmentsVoraporn Chaikitmongkol; Neil M. Bressler
1-Jun-2021Intravitreal Anti-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Therapy for Diabetic Macular Edema in Clinical Practice of Single Center: Three-Year OutcomesJanejit Choovuthayakorn; Phichayut Phinyo; Apichat Tantraworasin; Paradee Kunavisarut; Direk Patikulsila; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol; Nawat Watanachai; Kessara Pathanapitoon
1-Jan-2020Latest developments in polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy: Epidemiology, etiology, diagnosis, and treatmentVoraporn Chaikitmongkol; Chui Ming Gemmy Cheung; Hideki Koizumi; Vishal Govindahar; Jay Chhablani; Timothy Y.Y. Lai
1-Feb-2018OCT Biomarkers as Functional Outcome Predictors in Diabetic Macular Edema Treated with Dexamethasone ImplantDinah Zur; Matias Iglicki; Catharina Busch; Alessandro Invernizzi; Miriana Mariussi; Anat Loewenstein; Catharina Busch; Zafer Cebeci; Jay Kumar Chhablani; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol; Aude Couturier; Samantha Fraser-Bell; Ermete Giancipoli; Matias Iglicki; Alessandro Invernizzi; Inês Laíns; Anat Loewenstein; Marco Lupidi; Matus Rehak; Patricio Rodriguez; Thais Sousa Mendes; Anna Sala-Puigdollers; Dinah Zur
1-Dec-2022Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy Based on Non-ICGA Criteria in White Patients With Neovascular Age-Related Macular DegenerationVoraporn Chaikitmongkol; Malgorzata Ozimek; Titipol Srisomboon; Direk Patikulsila; Samantha Fraser-Bell; Jay Chhablani; Janejit Choovuthayakorn; Nawat Watanachai; Paradee Kunavisarut; Patricio J. Rodríguez-Valdés; David Lozano-Rechy; Marco Lupidi; Mayss Al-Sheikh; Adrian T. Fung; Catharina Busch; Hemal Mehta; Pierre Henry Gabrielle; Dinah Zur; Dan Ramon; Apisara Sangkaew; Thammasin Ingviya; Atchara Amphornprut; Zafer Cebeci; Aude Couturier; Thais Sousa Mendes; Ermete Giancipoli; Matias Iglicki; Alessandro Invernizzi; Ines Lains; Matus Rehak; Anna Sala-Puigdollers; Mali Okada; Anat Loewenstein; Neil M. Bressler
1-Jan-2018Post-injection endophthalmitis in eyes receiving vs. not receiving topical antibiotic prophylaxis in Northern ThailandVoraporn Chaikitmongkol; Onnisa Nanegrungsunk; Direk Patikulsila; Janejit Choovuthayakorn; Nawat Watanachai; Paradee Kunavisarut; Nimitr Ittipunkul; Neil M. Bressler
1-Jan-2014Predictive factors of open globe injury in patients requiring vitrectomyWeeraya Pimolrat; Janejit Choovuthayakorn; Nawat Watanachai; Direk Patikulsila; Paradee Kunavisarut; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol; Nimitr Ittipunkul
1-Dec-2019Real-world outcomes of non-responding diabetic macular edema treated with continued anti-VEGF therapy versus early switch to dexamethasone implant: 2-year resultsCatharina Busch; Samantha Fraser-Bell; Matias Iglicki; Marco Lupidi; Aude Couturier; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol; Ermete Giancipoli; Patricio J. Rodríguez-Valdés; Pierre Henry Gabrielle; Inês Laíns; Ana Rita Santos; Zafer Cebeci; Atchara Amphornphruet; Valentin Degenhardt; Jan Darius Unterlauft; Carlo Cagini; Valérie Mané-Tauty; Giuseppe D’Amico Ricci; Isaac Hindi; Kushal Agrawal; Jay Chhablani; Anat Loewenstein; Dinah Zur; Matus Rehak