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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Case of eosinophilic granulomatous enterocolitis caused by Strongyloides stercoralis infection with marked hypoalbuminemia and ascitesUkarapol N.; Lertprasertsuk N.; Pongprot Y.; Sittiwangkul R.; Wongsawasdi L.
2000A case report: Alagille syndromeUkarapol N.; Wongsawasdi L.; Sittiwangkul R.
2008Choledochal cysts in children: Epidemiology and outcomesSinghavejsakul J.; Ukarapol N.
2012Circulating of human bocavirus 1, 2, 3, and 4 in pediatric patients with acute gastroenteritis in ThailandKhamrin P.; Malasao R.; Chaimongkol N.; Ukarapol N.; Kongsricharoern T.; Okitsu S.; Hayakawa S.; Ushijima H.; Maneekarn N.
2004Clinical Characteristics of Colorectal Polyp in Thai Children: A Retrospective StudyWaitayakul S.; Singhavejsakul J.; Ukarapol N.
2010Clinical image. Mediastinal pancreatic pseudocyst in chronic pancreatitisVisrutaratna P.; Ukarapol N.
2000Colonic carcinoma: a case report in a child and review literatureUkarapol N.; Wongsawasdi L.; Singhavejsakul J.
2002Cytomegalovirus-associated manifestations involving the digestive tract in children with human immunodeficiency virus infectionUkarapol N.; Chartapisak W.; Lertprasertsuk N.; Wongsawasdi L.; Kattipattanapong V.; Singhavejsakul J.; Sirisanthana V.
2011Detection and molecular characterization of cosavirus in adults with diarrhea, ThailandKhamrin P.; Chaimongkol N.; Malasao R.; Suantai B.; Saikhruang W.; Kongsricharoern T.; Ukarapol N.; Okitsu S.; Shimizu H.; Hayakawa S.; Ushijima H.; Maneekarn N.
2008Diagnostic evaluation of infantile cholestasisWongsawasdi L.; Ukarapol N.; Visrutaratna P.; Singhavejsakul J.; Kattipattanapong V.
2002The endoscopic diagnosis of intestinal capillariasis in a child: A case reportWongsawasdi L.; Ukarapol N.; Lertprasertsuk N.
2007Hyaluronic acid: Additional biochemical marker in the diagnosis of biliary atresiaUkarapol N.; Wongsawasdi L.; Ong-Chai S.; Riddhiputra P.; Kongtawelert P.
2006Immune reconstitution syndrome from nontuberculous mycobacterial infection after initiation of antiretroviral therapy in children with HIV infectionPuthanakit T.; Oberdorfer P.; Ukarapol N.; Akarathum N.; Punjaisee S.; Sirisanthana T.; Sirisanthana V.
2004Impact of gastrointestinal endoscopy on HIV-infected childrenUkarapol N.; Lertprasertsuk N.; Fuchs G.J.; Wongsawasdi L.; Sirisanthana V.
2012Incidence and risk factors of parenteral nutrition-associated liver disease in newborn infantsKoseesirikul P.; Chotinaruemol S.; Ukarapol N.
2007Incidence of antibiotic-associated diarrhea in a pediatric ambulatory care settingDamrongmanee A.; Ukarapol N.
2007Juvenile polyp in Thai children--clinical and colonoscopic presentationUkarapol N.; Singhavejakul J.; Lertprasertsuk N.; Wongsawasdi L.
2007Juvenile polyp in Thai children-clinical and colonoscopic presentationUkarapol N.; Singhavejakul J.; Lertprasertsuk N.; Wongsawasdi L.
2010Mediastinal pancreatic pseudocyst in chronic pancreatitisVisrutaratna P.; Ukarapol N.
2001Microvillus inclusion disease as a cause of severe protracted diarrhea in infantsUkarapol N.; Lertprasertsuk N.; Chotinaruemol S.; Wongsawasdi L.