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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Activation of melatonin receptor (MT1/2) promotes P-gp transporter in methamphetamine-induced toxicity on primary rat brain microvascular endothelial cellsJumnongprakhon P.; Sivasinprasasn S.; Govitrapong P.; Tocharus C.; Tocharus J.
1-Jan-2016Association of Neuroprotective Effect of Di-O-Demethylcurcumin on Aβ<inf>25–35</inf>-Induced Neurotoxicity with Suppression of NF-κB and Activation of Nrf2Pinkaew D.; Changtam C.; Tocharus C.; Govitrapong P.; Jumnongprakhon P.; Suksamrarn A.; Tocharus J.
2012Butea superba (Roxb.) improves penile erection in diabetic ratsTocharus C.; Sooksaen P.; Shimbhu D.; Tocharus J.
-Comparing the Effects of Melatonin with Caloric Restriction in the Hippocampus of Aging Mice: Involvement of Sirtuin1 and the FOXOs PathwayJenwitheesuk A.; Park S.; Wongchitrat P.; Tocharus J.; Mukda S.; Shimokawa I.; Govitrapong P.
2011Curcuminoid analogs inhibit nitric oxide production from LPS-activated microglial cellsTocharus J.; Jamsuwan S.; Tocharus C.; Changtam C.; Suksamrarn A.
25-Dec-2016Cyanidin-3-glucoside attenuates angiotensin II-induced oxidative stress and inflammation in vascular endothelial cellsSivasinprasasn S.; Pantan R.; Thummayot S.; Tocharus J.; Suksamrarn A.; Tocharus C.
1-Jan-2015Di-O-demethylcurcumin protects SK-N-SH cells against mitochondrial and endoplasmic reticulum-mediated apoptotic cell death induced by Aβ25-35Pinkaew D.; Changtam C.; Tocharus C.; Thummayot S.; Suksamrarn A.; Tocharus J.
1Dihydrocapsaicin Attenuates Blood Brain Barrier and Cerebral Damage in Focal Cerebral Ischemia/Reperfusion via Oxidative Stress and InflammatoryJanyou A.; Wicha P.; Jittiwat J.; Suksamrarn A.; Tocharus C.; Tocharus J.
1-Dec-2012Effects of hexahydrocurcumin in combination with 5-fuorouracil on dimethylhydrazine-induced colon cancer in ratsSrimuangwong K.; Tocharus C.; Tocharus J.; Suksamrarn A.; Chintana P.
2014Endothelium-independent vasorelaxation effects of 16-O-acetyldihydroisosteviol on isolated rat thoracic aortaPantan R.; Onsa-ard A.; Tocharus J.; Wonganan O.; Suksamrarn A.; Tocharus C.
2012Hexahydrocurcumin enhances inhibitory effect of 5-fluorouracil on HT-29 human colon cancer cellsSrimuangwong K.; Tocharus C.; Chintana P.Y.; Suksamrarn A.; Tocharus J.
1-Nov-2016Inhibitory effect of melatonin on cerebral endothelial cells dysfunction induced by methamphetamine via NADPH oxidase-2Jumnongprakhon P.; Govitrapong P.; Tocharus C.; Tocharus J.
2014Melatonin enhances adult rat hippocampal progenitor cell proliferation via ERK signaling pathway through melatonin receptorTocharus C.; Puriboriboon Y.; Junmanee T.; Tocharus J.; Ekthuwapranee K.; Govitrapong P.
1-Sep-2016Melatonin improves methamphetamine-induced blood brain barrier impairment through NADPH oxidase-2 in primary rat brain microvascular endothelium cellsJumnongprakhon P.; Govitrapong P.; Tocharus C.; Tocharus J.
1-Sep-2016Melatonin promotes blood-brain barrier integrity in methamphetamine-induced inflammation in primary rat brain microvascular endothelial cellsJumnongprakhon P.; Govitrapong P.; Tocharus C.; Tocharus J.
22-May-2015Melatonin Protects Methamphetamine-Induced Neuroinflammation Through NF-κB and Nrf2 Pathways in Glioma Cell LineJumnongprakhon P.; Govitrapong P.; Govitrapong P.; Tocharus C.; Pinkaew D.; Tocharus J.
-Melatonin regulates the aging mouse hippocampal homeostasis via the sirtuin1-foxo1 pathwayJenwitheesuk A.; Boontem P.; Wongchitrat P.; Tocharus J.; Mukda S.; Govitrapong P.
1-Jan-2017Melatonin suppresses methamphetamine-triggered endoplasmic reticulum stress in C6 cells glioma cell linesTungkum W.; Jumnongprakhon P.; Tocharus C.; Govitrapong P.; Tocharus J.
1-Jan-2017Neuroprotection of agomelatine against cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury through an antiapoptotic pathway in ratChumboatong W.; Thummayot S.; Govitrapong P.; Tocharus C.; Jittiwat J.; Tocharus J.
1-Dec-2016Neuroprotective effects of cyanidin against Aβ-induced oxidative and ER stress in SK-N-SH cellsThummayot S.; Tocharus C.; Suksamrarn A.; Tocharus J.