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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Assessment of patient satisfaction of mentally ill patients hospitalized in ThailandThapinta D.; Anders R.L.; Wiwatkunupakan S.; Kitsumban V.; Vadtanapong S.
1-Dec-2012Effect of insight meditation on enhancing emotional intelligence among Thai psychiatric nursesVongareesawat C.; Thapinta D.; Disayavanish C.; Anders R.; Tungpunkom P.
1-Dec-2012Effectiveness of a transitional care program for persons with SchizophreniaSarakan K.; Thapinta D.; Panuthai S.; Kennedy M.
2014Effectiveness of an alcohol relapse prevention program based on the satir model in alcohol-dependent womenSrikosai S.; Thapinta D.; Kittirattanapaiboon P.; Piyavhatkul N.
2010Evidence-based nursing-sensitive indicators for patients hospitalized with depression in ThailandThapinta D.; Anders R.L.; Mahatnirunkul S.; Srikosai S.
2004Safety and immunogenicity of an HIV subtype B and E prime-boost vaccine combination in HIV-negative Thai adultsNitayaphan S.; Pitisuttithum P.; Karnasuta C.; Eamsila C.; De Souza M.; Morgan P.; Polonis V.; Benenson M.; VanCott T.; Ratto-Kim S.; Kim J.; Thapinta D.; Garner R.; Bussaratid V.; Singharaj P.; El Habib R.; Gurunathan S.; Heyward W.; Birx D.; McNeil J.; Brown A.E.
2003Safety and immunogenicity of combinations of recombinant subtype E and B human immunodeficiency virus type 1 envelope glycoprotein 120 vaccines in healthy Thai adultsPitisuttithum P.; Nitayaphan S.; Thongcharoen P.; Khamboonruang C.; Kim J.; De Souza M.; Chuenchitra T.; Garner R.P.; Thapinta D.; Polonis V.; Ratto-Kim S.; Chanbancherd P.; Chiu J.; Birx D.L.; Duliege A.-M.; McNeil J.G.; Brown A.E.
2007Starting from scratch: Program development and lessons learned from HIV vaccine trial counseling in ThailandThapinta D.; Jenkins R.A.