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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2013Accuracy of radiography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in diagnosing foreign bodies in the footN. Pattamapaspong; T. Srisuwan; C. Sivasomboon; M. Nasuto; P. Suwannahoy; J. Settakorn; J. Kraisarin; G. Guglielmi
1-Jun-2021Alterations of mitochondrial dynamics, inflammation and mineralization potential of lipopolysaccharide-induced human dental pulp cells after exposure to N-acetyl cysteine, Biodentine or ProRoot MTAK. Weekate; B. Chuenjitkuntaworn; P. Chuveera; S. Vaseenon; P. Chompu-inwai; J. Ittichaicharoen; S. Chattipakorn; T. Srisuwan
1-Mar-2011Clinics in diagnostic imaging (134). Testicular lymphoma.T. Srisuwan; M. Muttarak; P. Kitirattrakarn; C. Ya-in
1-Jan-2012Intra-articular ossicle in interphalangeal joint of the great toe and clinical implicationP. Suwannahoy; T. Srisuwan; N. Pattamapaspong; Pasuk Mahakkanukrauh
1-Jan-2019Partial pulpotomy with two bioactive cements in permanent teeth of 6- to 18-year-old patients with signs and symptoms indicative of irreversible pulpitis: a noninferiority randomized controlled trialN. Uesrichai; A. Nirunsittirat; P. Chuveera; T. Srisuwan; T. Sastraruji; P. Chompu-inwai
1-Jan-2012Survival of rat functional dental pulp cells in vascularized tissue engineering chambersT. Srisuwan; D. J. Tilkorn; S. Al-Benna; A. Vashi; A. Penington; H. H. Messer; K. M. Abberton; E. W. Thompson
1-Jun-2019Thoracic central venous occlusion in patients without history of central vein catheterizationK. Thanu; T. Srisuwan; K. Kulprachakarn; S. Pongtam; S. Saengyo; K. Rerkasem