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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Effect of chitosan and alginate beads incorporated with lavender, clove essential oils, and vanillin against Botrytis cinerea and their application in fresh table grapes packaging systemJurmkwan Sangsuwan; Sutthira Sutthasupa
1-Dec-2016Effect of chitosan beads incorporated with lavender or red thyme essential oils in inhibiting Botrytis cinerea and their application in strawberry packaging systemJurmkwan Sangsuwan; Titimon Pongsapakworawat; Peeraya Bangmo; Sutthira Sutthasupa
1-Jan-2018Macroporous scaffolds: Molecular brushes based on oligo(lactic acid)–amino acid–indomethacin conjugated poly(norbornene)sSutthira Sutthasupa; Fumio Sanda
1-Dec-2010Recent advances in ring-opening metathesis polymerization, and application to synthesis of functional materialsSutthira Sutthasupa; Masashi Shiotsuki; Fumio Sanda
15-Jul-2015Synthesis and copolymerization of oligo(lactic acid) derived norbornene macromonomers with amino acid derived norbornene monomer: Formation of the 3D macroporous scaffoldSutthira Sutthasupa; Fumio Sanda; Kajornsak Faungnawakij; Puttinan Meepowpan
1-Dec-2016Synthesis of diblock copolymers of indomethacin/aspartic acid conjugated norbornenes and characterization of their self-assembled nanostructures as drug carriersSutthira Sutthasupa; Fumio Sanda
26-Aug-2019Thermo-responsive micelles prepared from brush-like block copolymers of proline- and oligo(lactide)-functionalized norbornenesSutthira Sutthasupa; Kajornsak Faungnawakij; Kenneth B. Wagener; Fumio Sanda