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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Accuracy of frozen-section diagnosis of ovarian mucinous tumorsPongsuvareeyakul T.; Khunamornpong S.; Settakorn J.; Sukpan K.; Suprasert P.; Siriaunkgul S.
2008Accuracy of intra-operative frozen sections in the diagnosis of ovarian massesSuprasert P.; Khunamornpong S.; Phusong A.; Settakorn J.; Siriaungkul S.
2011Accuracy of the Wallach Endocell endometrial cell sampler in diagnosing endometrial carcinoma and hyperplasiaKunaviktikul K.; Suprasert P.; Khunamornpong S.; Settakorn J.; Natpratan A.
2005Adverse affects of paclitaxel and carboplatin combination chemotherapy in epithelial gynecologic cancerKietpeerakool C.; Suprasert P.; Srisomboon J.
1-Jan-2016Allelic characterization of IGF2 and H19 gene polymorphisms in molar tissuesPiyamongkol W.; Suprasert P.
3Appropriate bowel preparation for laparotomy gynecologic surgery: A prospective, surgeon-blinded randomized studySuadee W.; Suprasert P.
2006Benefit of electrocardiography during front-line combination paclitaxel and carboplatin chemotherapy for epithelial ovarian cancerKietpeerakool C.; Tiyayon J.; Suprasert P.; Kanjanavanit R.; Srisomboon J.
2008Carcinoma of extrahepatic bile ducts and gallbladder metastatic to the ovary: A report of 16 casesKhunamornpong S.; Lerwill M.F.; Siriaunkgul S.; Suprasert P.; Pojchamarnwiputh S.; Chiangmai W.N.; Young R.H.
2010Carcinosarcoma arising in uterine didelphys after tamoxifen therapy for breast cancer: A case reportSuprasert P.; Khunamornpong S.
2007Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia II-III with endocervical cone margin involvement after cervical loop conization: Is there any predictor for residual disease?Kietpeerakool C.; Khunamornpong S.; Srisomboon J.; Siriaunkgul S.; Suprasert P.
2005Clear-cell adenocarcinoma of the female genital tract: Presence of hyaline stroma and tigroid background in various types of cytologic specimensKhunamornpong S.; Thorner P.S.; Suprasert P.; Siriaunkgul S.
2014Clinical characteristics of gynecologic cancer patients who respond to salvage treatment with LingzhiSuprasert P.; Apichartpiyakul C.; Sakonwasun C.; Nitisuwanraksa P.; Phuackchantuck R.
2009Clinical outcome of the ovarian clear cell carcinoma compared to other epithelial ovarian cancers when treated with paclitaxel and carboplatinSirichaisutdhikorn D.; Suprasert P.; Khunamornpong S.
2009Clinical outcome of the ovarian clear cell carcinoma compared to other epithelial ovarian cancers when treated with paclitaxel and carboplatin.Sirichaisutdhikorn D.; Suprasert P.; Khunamornpong S.
2006Clinical outcomes and prognostic factors of node-negative cervical cancer patients with deep stromal invasion or lymphovascular space involvement following radical hysterectomySuprasert P.; Srisomboon J.; Siriaunkgul S.; Khunamornpong S.; Phongnarisorn C.; Siriaree S.; Charoenkwan K.; Cheewakriangkrai C.; Kietpeerakool C.
2008Clinical relevance of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance by the 2001 Bethesda System: Experience from a cervical cancer high incidence regionKantathavorn N.; Kietpeerakool C.; Suprasert P.; Srisomboon J.; Khunamornpong S.; Nimmanhaeminda K.; Siriaunkgul S.
2011Clinical significance of atypical glandular cells on Pap smears: Experience from a region with a high incidence of cervical cancerSawangsang P.; Sae-Teng C.; Suprasert P.; Srisomboon J.; Khunamornpong S.; Kietpeerakool C.
-Clinicopathologic analysis of women with synchronous primary carcinomas of the endometrium and ovary: 10- year experience from Chiang Mai University HospitalNatee J.; Kietpeerakool C.; Srisomboon J.; Khunamornpong S.; Suprasert P.; Phongnarisorn C.; Cheewakriangkrai C.; Charoenkwan K.; Siriaree S.; Pantusart A.
2010Colposcopy audit for improving quality of service in areas with a high incidence of cervical cancerManopunya M.; Suprasert P.; Srisomboon J.; Kietpeerakool C.
2Comparison of hypersensitivity reactions to carboplatin retreatment in gynecologic cancer patients between one and two hour infusions: A randomized trial studyPornwattanakrilert W.; Suprasert P.