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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2010Antiproliferative effects of cucurbitacin B in breast cancer cells: Down-regulation of the c-Myc/hTERT/telomerase pathway and obstruction of the cell cycleDuangmano,S.; Dakeng,S.; Jiratchariyakul,W.; Suksamrarn,A.; Smith,D.R.; Patmasiriwat,P.
20-Jun-2012Cucurbitacin B causes increased radiation sensitivity of human breast cancer cells via G2/M cell cycle arrestDuangmano,S.; Sae-Lim,P.; Suksamrarn,A.; Patmasiriwat,P.; Domann,F.E.
12-Oct-2012Cucurbitacin B inhibits human breast cancer cell proliferation through disruption of microtubule polymerization and nucleophosmin/B23 translocationDuangmano,S.; Sae-Lim,P.; Suksamrarn,A.; Domann,F.E.; Patmasiriwat,P.
1-Apr-2012Curcuminoid analogs inhibit nitric oxide production from LPS-activated microglial cellsTocharus,J.; Jamsuwan,S.; Tocharus,C.; Changtam,C.; Suksamrarn,A.
15-Nov-2014Curcuminoid derivatives enhance telomerase activity in an in vitro TRAP assayTaka,T.; Changtam,C.; Thaichana,P.; Kaewtunjai,N.; Suksamrarn,A.; Lee,T.R.; Tuntiwechapikul,W.
22-Oct-2014Endothelium-independent vasorelaxation effects of 16-O-acetyldihydroisosteviol on isolated rat thoracic aortaPantan,R.; Onsa-Ard,A.; Tocharus,J.; Wonganan,O.; Suksamrarn,A.; Tocharus,C.
1-Jan-2015Erratum: cucurbitacin B causes increased radiation sensitivity of human breast cancer cells via G2/M cell cycle arrest (Journal of Oncology (2015))Duangmano,S.; Sae-Lim,P.; Suksamrarn,A.; Patmasiriwat,P.; Domann,F.E.
30-Mar-2012Improvements of insulin resistance in ovariectomized rats by a novel phytoestrogen from Curcuma comosa RoxbPrasannarong,M.; Saengsirisuwan,V.; Piyachaturawat,P.; Suksamrarn,A.
25-Jan-2012Long-term effect of phytoestrogens from Curcuma comosa Roxb. on vascular relaxation in ovariectomized ratsIntapad,S.; Saengsirisuwan,V.; Prasannarong,M.; Chuncharunee,A.; Suvitayawat,W.; Chokchaisiri,R.; Suksamrarn,A.; Piyachaturawat,P.