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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2016Analysis of Duplicated Multiple-Samples Rank Data Using the Mack-Skillings TestCarabante K.; Alonso-Marenco J.; Chokumnoyporn N.; Sriwattana S.; Prinyawiwatkul W.
2010Consumer acceptance and purchase intent of a novel low-fat sugar-free sherbet containing soy proteinWalker J.; Boeneke C.A.; Sriwattana S.; Herrera-Corredor J.A.; Prinyawiwatkul W.
1-Jan-2015Development of a concentrated strawberry beverage fortified with longan seed extractSriwattana S.; Sriwattana S.; Phimolsiripol Y.; Pongsirikul I.; Pongsirikul I.; Utama-ang N.; Utama-ang N.; Surawang S.; Surawang S.; Decharatanangkoon S.; Chindaluang Y.; Senapa J.; Senapa J.; Wattanatchariya W.; Angeli S.; Thakeow P.
2011Effects of initial albumen quality and mineral oil-chitosan emulsion coating on internal quality and shelf-life of eggs during room temperature storageTorrico D.D.; No H.K.; Sriwattana S.; Ingram D.; Prinyawiwatkul W.
2Influence of Package Visual Cues of Sweeteners on the Sensory-Emotional Profiles of Their ProductsWardy W.; Chonpracha P.; Chokumnoyporn N.; Sriwattana S.; Prinyawiwatkul W.; Jirangrat W.
1-Jan-2015Oil-in-Water Emulsion Exhibits Bitterness-Suppressing Effects in a Sensory Threshold StudyTorrico D.; Sae-Eaw A.; Sriwattana S.; Boeneke C.; Prinyawiwatkul W.
1-Jan-2016Physico-chemical properties of salt-fermented commercial fish sauces in ThailandKim B.; Sriwattana S.; Jeong I.
1-Apr-2016Saltiness enhancement of oil roasted peanuts induced by foam-mat salt and soy sauce odourChokumnoyporn N.; Sriwattana S.; Prinyawiwatkul W.
2014The split plot with repeated randomised complete block design can reduce psychological biases in consumer acceptance testingJirangrat W.; Wang J.; Sriwattana S.; No H.K.; Prinyawiwatkul W.
1-Jan-2016Strategies for reducing sodium in instant rice porridge and its influence on sensory acceptabilitySriwattana S.; Pongsirikul I.; Siriwoharn T.; Chokumnoyporn N.
3Structural modification of swai-fish (Pangasius hypophthalmus)-based emulsions containing non-meat protein additives by ultra-high pressure and thermal treatmentsTecharang J.; Apichartsrangkoon A.; Phanchaisri B.; Pathomrungsiyoungkul P.; Sriwattana S.