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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Assessment of faecal glucocorticoid metabolite excretion in captive female fishing cats (Prionailurus viverinus) in ThailandKhonmee J.; Vorawattanatham N.; Pinyopummin A.; Thitaram C.; Somgird C.; Punyapornwithaya V.; Brown J.
15-Apr-2016Differential testosterone response to GnRH-induced LH release before and after musth in adult Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) bullsSomgird C.; Sripiboon S.; Mahasawangkul S.; Boonprasert K.; Brown J.; Stout T.; Colenbrander B.; Thitaram C.
2006Dystocia following prolonged retention of a dead fetus in an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)Thitaram C.; Pongsopawijit P.; Thongtip N.; Angkavanich T.; Chansittivej S.; Wongkalasin W.; Somgird C.; Suwankong N.; Prachsilpchai W.; Suchit K.; Clausen B.; Boonthong P.; Nimtrakul K.; Niponkit C.; Siritepsongklod S.; Roongsri R.; Mahasavankul S.
1-Mar-2016Elemental Analysis of Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus) Teeth Using X-ray Fluorescence and a Comparison to Other SpeciesNganvongpanit K.; Brown J.; Buddhachat K.; Somgird C.; Thitaram C.
2008Evaluation and selection of microsatellite markers for an identification and parentage test of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)Thitaram C.; Thongtip N.; Somgird C.; Colenbrander B.; Van Boxtel D.C.J.; Van Steenbeek F.; Lenstra J.A.
2010Genetic assessment of captive elephant (Elephas maximus) populations in ThailandThitaram C.; Somgird C.; Mahasawangkul S.; Angkavanich T.; Roongsri R.; Thongtip N.; Colenbrander B.; van Steenbeek F.G.; Lenstra J.A.
1-Jan-2017Hematologic and biochemical reference intervals for captive Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in ThailandJanyamethakul T.; Sripiboon S.; Somgird C.; Pongsopawijit P.; Panyapornwithaya V.; Klinhom S.; Loythong J.; Thitaram C.
1-Jan-2016Potential of a gonadotropin-releasing hormone vaccine to suppress musth in captive male Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)Somgird C.; Homkong P.; Sripiboon S.; Brown J.; Stout T.; Colenbrander B.; Mahasawangkul S.; Thitaram C.
1-Jan-2017Reproductive control in elephant: A tool for population and aggression managementSomgird C.; Brown J.; Thitaram C.
2007Sensitive assays for simian foamy viruses reveal a high prevalence of infection in commensal, free-ranging asian monkeysJones-Engel L.; Steinkraus K.A.; Murray S.M.; Engel G.A.; Grant R.; Aggimarangsee N.; Lee B.P.Y.-H.; May C.; Schillaci M.A.; Somgird C.; Sutthipat T.; Vojtech L.; Zhao J.Y.; Linial M.L.
1-Jan-2017Telomeric attrition with increasing age in short- (Chihuahua dog) and long- (Asian elephant) life span animalsBuddhachat K.; Kriangwanich W.; Kumoun S.; Brown J.; Chailangkarn S.; Somgird C.; Thitaram C.; Prasitwattanaseree S.; Nganvongpanit K.
21-Apr-2016Use of handheld X-ray fluorescence as a non-invasive method to distinguish between Asian and African elephant tusksBuddhachat K.; Thitaram C.; Brown J.; Klinhom S.; Bansiddhi P.; Penchart K.; Ouitavon K.; Sriaksorn K.; Pa-In C.; Kanchanasaka B.; Somgird C.; Nganvongpanit K.