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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2019Application of a smartphone to increase effectiveness in the determination of soil pH by using indicatorsSarawut Somnam; Miki Kanna; Jaroon Jakmunee
2019Application of Smartphone as a Digital Image Colorimetric Detector for Batch and Flow-based Acid-Base TitrationJanejira Chanla; Miki Kanna; Jaroon Jakmunee; Sarawut Somnam
1-Jan-2019Application of smartphone as a digital image colorimetric detector for batch and flow-based acid-base titrationJanejira Chanla; Miki Kanna; Jaroon Jakmunee; Sarawut Somnam
14-May-2012Cost effective dual-stage flow injection/sequential injection hybrid for continuous liquid-liquid extractionSarawut Somnam; Jaroon Jakmunee; Kate Grudpan
1-Dec-2008Determination of Nitrite and Nitrate in Water Samples by an Automated Hydrodynamic Sequential Injection MethodSarawut Somnam; Jaroon Jakmunee; Kate Grudpan; Narong Lenghor; Shoji Motomizu
2007Development of hydrodynamic sequential injection system for application in environmental sample analysis = การพัฒนาระบบไฮโดรไดนามิกซีเควนเซียลอินเจคชันสำหรับการประยุกต์ในการวิเคราะห์ตัวอย่างสิ่งแวดล้อม / Sarawut SomnamSarawut Somnam
2004Development of stopped-flow injection methods for determination of phosphate and chlorate / Sarawut SomnamSarawut Somnam
1-Dec-2011An economical ultrasonic-assisted extraction for the spectro- photometric determination of anionic surfactantsSarawut Somnam; Praweena Novichai; Jaroon Jakmunee; Kate Grudpan
1-Jul-2008Hydrodynamic sequential injection spectrophotometric system for determination of manganese in soilSarawut Somnam; Kate Grudpan; Jaroon Jakmunee
1-Jul-2016Preparation of an economic home-made Ag/AgCl electrode from silver recovered from laboratory wastesMiki Kanna; Sarawut Somnam; Jaroon Jakmunee
2016Preparation of an Economic Home-Made Ag/AgCl Electrode from Silver Recovered from Laboratory WastesMiki Kanna; Sarawut Somnam; Jaroon Jakmunee
10-Mar-2019Towards Green Titration: Batchwise Titration with Reusable Solid Sorbed IndicatorsMiki Kanna; Sarawut Somnam; Wasin Wongwilai; Kate Grudpan