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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2020Ankle-Brachial Index and Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Progression by Using Ultrasound Among Patients With HIV Infection Versus End-Stage Renal DiseaseAmaraporn Rerkasem; Sasinat Pongtam; Sakaewan Ounjaijean; Kanokwan Kulprachakarn; Antika Wongthanee; Romanee Chaiwarith; Khuanchai Supparatpinyo; Parichat Salee; Supapong Arworn; Kittipan Rerkasem
1-Jan-2019Antimalarial Activity of Tinospora baenzigeri against Plasmodium berghei- Infected MiceSakaewan Ounjaijean; Manas Kotepui; Voravuth Somsak
1-Mar-2019Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protective properties of thai shallot (allium ascalonicum cv. Chiangmai) juice on human vascular endothelial cell lines (EA.hy926)Sakaewan Ounjaijean; Sukanya Chachiyo; Kanokwan Kulprachakarn; Kongsak Boonyapranai; Somdet Srichairatanakool; Kittipan Rerkasem
1-Mar-2019Antioxidant properties and cytotoxicity of white mugwort (Artemisia lactiflora) leaf extract in human hepatocellular carcinoma cell lineKanokwan Kulprachakarn; Kanjana Pangjit; Narisara Paradee; Somdet Srichairatanakool; Kittipan Rerkasem; Sakaewan Ounjaijean
1-Jun-2020Combination of zingerone and dihydroartemisinin presented synergistic antimalarial activity against Plasmodium berghei infection in BALB/c mice as in vivo modelSakaewan Ounjaijean; Voravuth Somsak
1-Apr-2020Comparison of the Effectiveness of Universal and Targeted Iodine Supplementation in Pregnant Women: A Randomized Controlled TrialTugsina Tinna; Sakaewan Ounjaijean; Theera Tongsong; Kuntharee Traisrisilp
1-Jan-2020Development of usi-kit for evaluation of iodine content in iodized salt†1Sakaewan Ounjaijean; Kongsak Boonyapranai; Kanokwan Kulprachakarn; Kittipan Rerkasem
1-Jan-2022Effect of Allicin and Artesunate Combination Treatment on Experimental Mice Infected with Plasmodium bergheiSakaewan Ounjaijean; Voravuth Somsak
1-Feb-2022Effectiveness of combined conventional treatment with a tailored exercise training program on wound healing in patients with venous leg ulcer: A randomized controlled trialKanokwan Kulprachakarn; Sothida Nantakool; Christine Rojawat; Sakaewan Ounjaijean; Sasinat Pongtam; Mujalin Prasannarong; Kittipan Rerkasem
18-Aug-2018The effectiveness of iodine supplementation during pregnancies in geographical areas of high prevalence of iodine insufficiencyMallika Vongchana; Sakaewan Ounjaijean; Theera Tongsong; Kuntharee Traisrisilp
1-Dec-2017Higher Level of Chicken Consumption Associated With Less Severe Venous DiseaseKanokwan Kulprachakarn; Prakaydao Abkom; Orapin Pongtam; Sakaewan Ounjaijean; Paweena Thongkham; Suwinai Saengyo; Kittipan Rerkasem
1-Feb-2019Hypoglycemia induced by Plasmodium berghei infection is prevented by treatment with Tinospora crispa stem extractSakaewan Ounjaijean; Sukanya Chachiyo; Voravuth Somsak
1-Jul-2006Iron-chelating and free-radical scavenging activities of microwave-processed green tea in iron overloadSomdet Srichairatanakool; Sakaewan Ounjaijean; Chonthida Thephinlap; Udompun Khansuwan; Chada Phisalpong; Suthat Fucharoen
2004Iron-chelating property of green tea extract in iron-overload status = คุณสมบัติการจับธาตุเหล็กของสารสกัดชาเขียวในสภาวะที่มีธาตุเหล็กเกิน / Sakaewan OunjaijeanSakaewan Ounjaijean
1-Jan-2020Kaempferol Addition Increases the Antimalarial Activity of Artesunate in Experimental MiceSakaewan Ounjaijean; Nattida Benjasak; Suchanan Sae-Lao; Voravuth Somsak
1-Jan-2020Metabolic syndrome, biochemical markers, and body composition in youth living with perinatal HIV infection on antiretroviral treatmentLinda Aurpibul; Sirianong Namwongprom; Tavitiya Sudjaritruk; Sakaewan Ounjaijean
1-Dec-2017Micronutrients and Natural Compounds Status and Their Effects on Wound Healing in the Diabetic Foot UlcerKanokwan Kulprachakarn; Sakaewan Ounjaijean; Jukkrit Wungrath; Raj Mani; Kittipan Rerkasem
1-Jan-2020Preliminary study on hepatoprotective activity of aqueous crude extract of allium ascalonicum against ethanol-induced liver injury in mice†1Sakaewan Ounjaijean; Voravuth Somsak
1-Jan-2019Preparation of Isoflavone glucosides from Soy germ and β-Glucosidase from Bacillus coagulans PR03 for Isoflavone aglycones ProductionSupakit Chaipoot; Rewat Phongphisutthinant; Sujinda Sriwattana; Sakaewan Ounjaijean; Pairote Wiriyacharee
2010Study of Iron overload and oxidative stress using thalassemia and epilepsy model = การศึกษาภาวะธาตุเหล็กเกินและออซิเดทีฟสเตรสโดยใช้รูปแบบโรคธาลัสซีเมียและอิพิเลพซี / Sakaewan OunjaijeanSakaewan Ounjaijean