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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jul-2016A longitudinal study of growth and relation with anemia and iron overload in pediatric patients with transfusion-dependent thalassemiaNokeaingtong K.; Charoenkwan P.; Silvilairat S.; Saekho S.; Pongprot Y.; Dejkhamron P.
1-Jul-2016Automatic cardiac T2* relaxation time estimation from magnetic resonance images using region growing method with automatically initialized seed pointsWantanajittikul K.; Theera-Umpon N.; Saekho S.; Auephanwiriyakul S.; Phrommintikul A.; Leemasawat K.
9-Sep-2016Development of 3D biological effective dose distribution software programKhadsiri P.; Tharavichitkul E.; Saekho S.; Chawapun N.
31-May-2016Fully automatic cardiac T2∗ relaxation time estimation using marker-controlled watershedWantanajittikul K.; Saekho S.; Phrommintikul A.; Theera-Umpon N.; Auephanwiriyakul S.; Tapanya M.; Ngammuang B.
1-Oct-2016Heart rate variability for early detection of cardiac iron deposition in patients with transfusion-dependent thalassemiaSilvilairat S.; Charoenkwan P.; Saekho S.; Tantiworawit A.; Phrommintikul A.; Srichairatanakool S.; Chattipakorn N.
1Isobio software: Biological dose distribution and biological dose volume histogram from physical dose conversion using linear-quadratic-linear modelJaikuna T.; Khadsiri P.; Chawapun N.; Saekho S.; Tharavichitkul E.
1-Jan-2016Prevalence and risk factors for cardiac iron overload and cardiovascular complications among patients with thalassemia in Northern ThailandTantiworawit A.; Tapanya S.; Phrommintikul A.; Saekho S.; Rattarittamrong E.; Norasetthada L.; Chai-Adisaksopha C.; Hantrakool S.; Charoenkwan P.; Chattipakorn N.