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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Oct-2017Auroral bright spot in Jupiter's active region in corresponding to solar wind dynamicK. Haewsantati; S. Wannawichian; J. T. Clarke; J. D. Nichols
20-Oct-2017Elemental composition analysis of stony meteorites discovered in Phitsanulok, ThailandT. Loylip; S. Wannawichian
16-Dec-2019GADGET-2 simulation for active galactic nuclei feedback in galaxy NGC 5252M. Boonmalai; U. Sawangwit; S. Wannawichian
7-Jan-2022Ganymede's magnetic footprint brightness and location in respond to main emissionT. Promfu; S. Wannawichian; J. D. Nichols; J. T. Clarke; K. Haewsantati
1-Jan-2013Longitudinal modulation of the brightness of Io's auroral footprint emission: Comparison with modelsS. Wannawichian; J. T. Clarke; F. Bagenal; C. A. Peterson; J. D. Nichols
16-Dec-2019Luminosity function of high-z object candidates at the epoch of reionization (z 6) in cosmic evolution survey (COSMOS) fieldN. Thananusak; U. Sawangwit; S. Wannawichian
1-Feb-2021Morphology of Jupiter's Polar Auroral Bright Spot Emissions via Juno-UVS ObservationsK. Haewsantati; B. Bonfond; S. Wannawichian; G. R. Gladstone; V. Hue; M. H. Versteeg; T. K. Greathouse; D. Grodent; Z. Yao; W. Dunn; J. C. GĂ©rard; R. Giles; J. Kammer; R. Guo; M. F. Vogt
20-Oct-2017Observation of GEO Satellite above Thailand's SkyK. Kasonsuwan; S. Wannawichian; T. Kirdkao
20-Oct-2017Orbital Shapes of Asteroids in Cometary Orbits based on 0.7m Telescope ImagingS. Dueantakhu; S. Wannawichian
20-Oct-2017Time variations of oxygen emission lines and solar wind dynamic parameters in low latitude regionP. Jamlongkul; S. Wannawichian; D. Mkrtichian; U. Sawangwit; N. A-Thano
16-Dec-2019TNT photometric reverberation mapping analysis of high-redshift quasarsG. Pongsupa; U. Sawangwit; S. Wannawichian; M. Boonmalai; R. Yoyponsan