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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Dec-2019Circumbinary planet study around NSVS 14256825P. Sappankum; S. Komonjinda; S. Awiphan; R. Rattanamala; V. S. Dhillon; T. R. Marsh; S. Suphapolthaworn
1-Jan-2016Detection of multiperiodic oscillations in the mass-accreting component of GQ TrAD. E. Mkrtichian; K. Gunsriwiwat; S. Komonjinda
1-Jan-2017Detection of short-periodic oscillations in UW VirD. E. Mkrtichian; K. Gunsriwiwat; S. Awiphan; S. Komonjinda; D. E. Reichart; J. B. Haislip; V. V. Kouprianov; K. M. Ivarsen; J. A. Crain; A. C. Foster; S. Poshyachinda
1-Jan-2014Effects of climate change on future extreme rainfall indices over ThailandS. Maijandee; J. Kreasuwun; S. Komonjinda; W. Promnopas
1-Jan-2019Exoplanetary atmosphere target selection in the era of comparative planetologyJ. S. Morgan; E. Kerins; S. Awiphan; I. McDonald; J. J. Hayes; S. Komonjinda; D. Mkritchian; N. Sanguansak
1-Dec-2017Geomagnetically conjugate observations of ionospheric and thermospheric variations accompanied by a midnight brightness wave at low latitudes 2. AeronomyD. Fukushima; K. Shiokawa; Y. Otsuka; M. Kubota; T. Yokoyama; M. Nishioka; S. Komonjinda; C. Y. Yatini
11-May-2012An investigation of binary stars in the Pleiades with high contrast and spatial resolutionA. Richichi; W. P. Chen; F. Cusano; O. Fors; M. Moerchen; S. Komonjinda
1-Jan-2013A new W UMa-type variable star near R CMaD. E. Mkrtichian; N. A-Thano; S. Komonjinda; S. Rattanasoon
1-Jan-2013A new W UMa-type variable star near RCMAD. E. Mkrtichian; N. A-Thano; S. Komonjinda; S. Rattanasoon
1-Jan-2021Optimizing exoplanet atmosphere retrieval using unsupervised machine-learning classificationJ. J.C. Hayes; E. Kerins; S. Awiphan; I. McDonald; J. S. Morgan; P. Chuanraksasat; S. Komonjinda; N. Sanguansak; P. Kittara
1-Oct-2018Photometric study and search for variable stars in the intermediate-age open cluster NGC 2126N. Chehlaeh; D. Mkrtichian; P. Lampens; S. Komonjinda; S. L. Kim; P. Van Cauteren; A. V. Kusakin; L. Glazunova
13-Dec-2010Physical properties and evolution of the eclipsing binary system XZ canis minorisR. Poochaum; S. Komonjinda; B. Soonthornthum; S. Rattanasoon
20-Oct-2017Physical properties of the Algol-type eclipsing binary AO serN. Chehlaeh; P. Lampens; D. Mkrtichian; P. Van Cauteren; L. Vermeylen; S. Komonjinda
20-Oct-2017Position Change of the Moon to showing the Lunar Mansion's PatternA. Sukwisoot; A. Laphirattanakul; S. Komonjinda
20-Oct-2017Radial velocity observations of OB1d association in NGC 1977W. Patwong; S. Komonjinda; N. A-Thano
1-Apr-2009Spectroscopic orbits for K giants β Reticuli and ν Octantis: What is causing a low-amplitude radial velocity resonant perturbation in ν Oct?D. J. Ramm; D. Pourbaix; J. B. Hearnshaw; S. Komonjinda
16-Dec-2019Thai national telescope studies of ultraluminous X-ray sourcesK. Thongpoyai; W. Luangtip; U. Sawangwit; T. P. Roberts; S. Komonjinda; V. S. Dhillon; T. R. Marsh
1-Jan-2016Transit timing variation and transmission spectroscopy analyses of the hot Neptune GJ3470bS. Awiphan; E. Kerins; S. Pichadee; S. Komonjinda; V. S. Dhillon; W. Rujopakarn; S. Poshyachinda; T. R. Marsh; D. E. Reichart; K. M. Ivarsen; J. B. Haislip