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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Nov-2019Feeding practices and risk factors for chronic infant undernutrition among refugees and migrants along the Thailand-Myanmar border: a mixed-methods studyA. H. Hashmi; P. B. Nyein; K. Pilaseng; M. K. Paw; M. C. Darakamon; A. M. Min; P. Charunwatthana; F. Nosten; R. McGready; V. I. Carrara
1-Dec-2021A mixed-methods evaluation of hepatitis B knowledge, attitudes, and practices among migrant women in ThailandM. Bierhoff; A. H. Hashmi; C. Pateekhum; W. Jiraporncharoen; W. Wiwattanacharoen; Mk Paw; F. H. Nosten; M. J. Rijken; M. Van Vugt; R. McGready; C. Angkurawaranon
15-May-2006Relation of DDT residues to plasma retinol, α-tocopherol, and β-carotene during pregnancy and malaria infection: A case-control study in Karen women in northern ThailandW. Stuetz; R. McGready; Thein Cho; T. Prapamontol; H. K. Biesalski; K. Stepniewska; F. Nosten
1-Dec-2019Retrospective review of documentation practices of hepatitis B immunoglobulin, birth dose, and vaccination at the hospital of birth, in Thai nationals and migrants in northern ThailandM. Bierhoff; Kanokporn Pinyopornpanish; Kanokwan Pinyopornpanish; F. Tongprasert; Arunrot Keereevijit; M. Rijken; C. S. Chu; F. Nosten; J. Perfetto; M. Van Vugt; R. McGready; C. Angkurawaranon
10-Sep-2020Tenofovir for prevention of mother to child transmission of hepatitis B in migrant women in a resource-limited setting on the Thailand-Myanmar border: A commentary on challenges of implementationM. Bierhoff; M. J. Rijken; W. Yotyingaphiram; M. Pimanpanarak; M. Van Vugt; C. Angkurawaranon; F. Nosten; S. Ehrhardt; C. L. Thio; R. McGready