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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Characterization of nanostructured CdTe synthesized by solid state microwave-plasma processPromnopas W.; Thongtem T.; Thongtem S.
1-Jan-2016Characterization of NiO-α-MoO<inf>3</inf> composites synthesized by microwave plasmaPromnopas S.; Wiranwetchayan O.; Thongtem T.; Promnopas W.; Thongtem S.
25-Nov-2016Crystalline phases and optical properties of titanium dioxide films deposited on glass substrates by microwave methodPromnopas W.; Promnopas S.; Phonkhokkong T.; Thongtem T.; Boonyawan D.; Yu L.; Wiranwetchayan O.; Phuruangrat A.; Thongtem S.
1-Sep-2016Effect of lead salts on phase, morphologies and photoluminescence of nanocrystalline PbMoO<inf>4</inf> and PbWO<inf>4</inf> synthesized by microwave radiationPhuruangrat A.; Kuntalue B.; Artkla S.; Promnopas S.; Promnopas W.; Thongtem S.; Thongtem T.
1-Apr-2016Effect of ZnO films immersion duration in N719 dye on energy conversion efficiency of DSSCsWiranwetchayan O.; Promnopas W.; Hongsith K.; Choopun S.; Singjai P.; Thongtem S.
1-Jan-2017Major weather regime changes over Southeast Asia in a near-term future scenarioBruyère C.; Raktham C.; Done J.; Kreasuwun J.; Thongbai C.; Promnopas W.
2011Photoemission and energy gap of CdS synthesized by solid state microwave-plasmaPromnopas W.; Thongtem T.; Thongtem S.
8Preparation of TiO<inf>2</inf> nanoparticles by sparking technique for enhancing photovoltaic performance of dye-sensitized solar cellsWiranwetchayan O.; Promnopas W.; Choopun S.; Singjai P.; Thongtem S.
2014Simulation sensitivities of the major weather regimes of the Southeast Asia regionRaktham C.; Bruyere C.; Kreasuwun J.; Done J.; Thongbai C.; Promnopas W.
1-Jan-2016Synthesis and characterization of TiO<inf>2</inf> nanopowders for fabrication of dye sensitized solar cellsPhonkhokkong T.; Thongtem T.; Thongtem S.; Phuruangrat A.; Promnopas W.
2014ZnTe semiconductor-polymer gel composited electrolyte for conversion of solar energyPromnopas W.; Thongtem T.; Thongtem S.