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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Sep-2016A comparative study of vector control strategies for rotor-side converter of DFIG wind energy systemsSrirattanawichaikul W.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.; Kumsuwan Y.
1-Jan-2017A power sharing control for microgrids based on extrapolation of injecting power and power-angle controlJanjornmanit S.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.
2002Active power filter for three-phase four-wire electric systems using neural networksMadtharad C.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.
19-Jan-2016Adaptive overcurrent protection considering critical clearing time for a microgrid systemTummasit N.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.; Tantichayakorn N.
2011Allocating reactive power using artificial neural networkSaypaserth P.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.
2012Allocation planning tool for determining the optimal location and sizing of distributed generations in provincial electricity authority of ThailandSaraisuwan P.; Jirapong P.; Kalankul A.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.
2007An analysis of single pole reclosing on 500 kV line in ThailandNgamsanroaj K.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.
2007Analysis of single pole reclosing on EHV line in ThailandNgamsanroaj K.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.
2008Assessment and prediction of voltage sag in transmission system in northern area of ThailandSaninta P.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.
2010A carrier-based unbalanced PWM method for four-leg voltage source inverter fed asymmetrical two-phase induction motorKumsuwan Y.; Srirattanawichaikul W.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.; Higuchi K.; Toliyat H.A.
2013A carrier-based unbalanced PWM method for four-leg voltage source inverter fed unsymmetrical two-phase induction motorKumsuwan Y.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.; Kinnares V.
1-Dec-2010Design and analysis of high efficiency dc-dc boost converter with active resonant technique for small grid-connected PV systemsAmorndechaphon D.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.; Higuchi K.
1-Dec-2012Determining MPPT and anti-islanding techniques in a grid-tie PV inverterBlackstone B.; Baghzouz Y.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.
2012Development of distributed generation assessment tool considering multi-system constraints for evaluating initial grid connectionKalankul A.; Jirapong P.; Saraisuwan P.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.
2011Development of the 3-phase 4-wire voltage sag generatorOranpiroj K.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.; Muangjai W.; Nayar C.V.
5-Oct-2016Distribution system planning and development for supporting economic - Social growth in Luangprabang province Lao PDRSilivanh K.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.; Ngamsanroaj K.
2008Economic dispatch for power generation using artificial neural network ICPE'07 conference in Daegu, KoreaPanta S.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.
2010Electricity demand forecasting of Electricité Du Lao (EDL) using Neural NetworksSackdara V.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.; Ngamsanroaj K.
2011Expert system for protection coordination of distribution system with distributed generatorsTuitemwong K.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.
2007Expert system for protective devices coordination in radial distribution network with small power producersTuitemwong K.; Premrudeepreechacharn S.