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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008BaMnTiO3 synthesized by the oxalate and impregnation methodsPookmanee P.; Ketwong P.; Phanichphant S.
2007Barium titanate nanopowders prepared from the modified oxalate co-precipitation methodPookmanee P.; Khantha C.; Phanichphant S.
2012Characterization and adsorption efficiency of the natural and the modified diatomite via the low temperature hydrothermal routePookmanee P.; Thippraphan P.; Jansanthea P.; Phanichphant S.
2010Characterization of Ba0.77Sr0.23TiO3 powder prepared from an oxalate co-precipitation and an impregnation methodPookmanee P.; Phanichphant S.
2007Characterization of bismuth titanate powdersPookmanee P.; Phanichphant S.
2009Characterization of lead-free bismuth titanate (Bi4Ti 3O12) synthesized by a modified oxalate co-precipitation methodPookmanee P.; Phanichphant S.
2010Chemical synthesis and characterization of bismuth vanadate powderPookmanee P.; Paosorn S.; Phanichphant S.
2008Chemical synthesis and characterization of ZnTiO3 powder prepared by the coprecipitation oxalate methodPookmanee P.; Yotasing J.; Phanichphant S.
2004Chemical synthesis of bismuth titanate microparticlesPookmanee P.; Boonphayak P.; Phanichphant S.; Zhu W.Yao X.Kimura T.Bhalla A.
2004Effect of sintering temperature on microstructure of hydrothermally prepared bismuth sodium titanate ceramicsPookmanee P.; Rujijanagul G.; Ananta S.; Heimann R.B.; Phanichphant S.
2004Hydrothermal synthesis of fine bismuth titanate powdersPookmanee P.; Uriwilast P.; Phanichpant S.; Zhu W.Yao X.Kimura T.Bhalla A.
2008Hydrothermal synthesis of zinc oxide (ZnO) microparticlePookmanee P.; Khuanphet S.; Phanichphant S.
2012Improvement of the solar efficiency of polymer solar cells by using 1, 3, 5-trichlorobenzene as Co-solventKruefu V.; Khantha C.; Pookmanee P.; Phanichphant S.
2005Low temperature hydrothermal synthesis of bismuth sodium titanate nanopowdersPookmanee P.; Phanichphant S.
2010Methylene blue degradation over photocatalyst bismuth vanadate powder synthesized by the hydrothermal methodPookmanee P.; Pingmuang K.; Kangwansupamomkon W.; Phanichphant S.
2013Microwave-assisted synthesis bismuth vanadate (BiVO4) powderPookmanee P.; Longchin P.; Kangwansupamonkon W.; Puntharod R.; Phanichphant S.
2010Photocatalytic degradation of geosmin by titanium dioxide powder synthesized by the hydrothermal routePookmanee P.; Ninsonti H.; Sangsrichan S.; Kangwansupamomkon W.; Phanichphant S.
2013The photocatalytic degradation of phenol and chlorophenol onto bismuth vanadate powder prepared by the solvothermal methodPookmanee P.; Yunvises S.; Puntharod R.; Sangsrichan S.; Kangwansupamonkon W.; Phanichphant S.
2012Photocatalytic degradation of phenol using Nb-loaded ZnO nanoparticlesKruefu V.; Ninsonti H.; Wetchakun N.; Inceesungvorn B.; Pookmanee P.; Phanichphant S.
2010Photocatalytic destruction of methyl orange by titanium dioxide powder synthesized by an oxalate co-precipitation methodPookmanee P.; Angkana S.; Phanichphant S.