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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-May-2007Adaptive control and synchronization of the perturbed Chua's systemThongchai Botmart; Piyapong Niamsup
1-Jan-2008The asymptotic stability of x<inf>n+1</inf>-a<sup>2</sup>x<inf>n-1</inf>+bx<inf>n-k</inf>=0Piyapong Niamsup; Yongwimon Lenbury
21-Nov-2013A constructive way to design a switching rule and switching regions to mean square exponential stability of switched stochastic systems with non-differentiable and interval time-varying delayManlika Rajchakit; Piyapong Niamsup; Grienggrai Rajchakit
15-Dec-2005Controllability and stability of the perturbed Chen chaotic dynamical systemTidarut Plienpanich; Piyapong Niamsup; Yongwimon Lenbury
11-Aug-2017Criteria for robust finite-time stabilisation of linear singular systems with interval timevarying delayNguyen H. Muoi; Vu N. Phat; Piyapong Niamsup
1-Jun-2005Dynamics of composite functions meromorphic outside a small setKeaitsuda Maneeruk; Piyapong Niamsup
30-Apr-2020Erratum: 'Comment on criteria for robust finite-time stabilisation of linear singular systems with interval time-varying delay' by Wang and WuNguyen H. Muoi; Vu Ngoc Phat; Piyapong Niamsup
15-Dec-2010Exponential stability of certain neutral differential equationsThaned Rojsiraphisal; Piyapong Niamsup
5-Sep-2011Exponential stability of discrete switched delay system via new discrete type inequalityJenjira Tipcha; Piyapong Niamsup; Thaned Rojsiraphaisal
1-Jan-2014Exponential synchronization of complex dynamical network with mixed time-varying and hybrid coupling delays via intermittent controlThongchai Botmart; Piyapong Niamsup
1-Dec-2016Exponentially practical stability of impulsive discrete time system with delaySirilak Wangrat; Piyapong Niamsup
1-Jan-2020Finite-Time Control Analysis of Nonlinear Fractional-Order Systems Subject to DisturbancesMai V. Thuan; Piyapong Niamsup; Vu N. Phat
1-Jan-2020Finite-time stability and boundedness for linear switched singular positive time-delay systems with finite-time unstable subsystemsSuriyon Yimnet; Piyapong Niamsup
1-Dec-2020Global uniform asymptotic stability criteria for linear uncertain switched positive time-varying delay systems with all unstable subsystemsThaned Rojsiraphisal; Piyapong Niamsup; Suriyon Yimnet
1-Dec-2018Guaranteed cost control for exponential stability of a nonlinear system with mixed time-varying delays in states and controlsNuchira Khongja; Thongchai Botmart; Piyapong Niamsup; Wajaree Weera
21-Nov-2013Guaranteed cost control for switched recurrent neural networks with interval time-varying delayPiyapong Niamsup; Manlika Rajchakit; Grienggrai Rajchakit
1-Sep-2009H<inf>∞</inf> optimal control of linear time-varying systems with time-varying delay via a controllability approachPiyapong Niamsup; Vu N. Phat
1-Jan-2020Improved Delay-Dependent Stability Criterion for Genetic Regulatory Networks with Interval Time-Varying Delays via New Lyapunov FunctionalsAphirak Boonpikum; Thongchai Botmart; Piyapong Niamsup; Wajaree Weera
24-May-2017Improved results on delay-range-dependent robust stability criteria of uncertain neutral systems with mixed interval time-varying delaysPeerapongpat Singkibud; Piyapong Niamsup; Kanit Mukdasai
22-Feb-2008Linear uncertain non-autonomous time-delay systems: Stability and stabilizability via riccati equationsPiyapong Niamsup; Kanit Mukdasai; Vu N. Phat