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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Antennal sensilla of some forensically important flies in families Calliphoridae, Sarcophagidae and MuscidaeSukontason K.; Sukontason K.L.; Piangjai S.; Boonchu N.; Chaiwong T.; Ngern-klun R.; Sripakdee D.; Vogtsberger R.C.; Olson J.K.
2001Chrysomya rufifacies (Macquart) as a forensically-important fly species in Thailand: A case reportSukontason K.L.; Sukontason K.; Narongchai P.; Lertthamnongtham S.; Piangjai S.; Olson J.K.
2004Clearing technique to examine the cephalopharyngeal skeletons of blow fly larvaeSukontason K.; Methanitikorn R.; Sukontason K.L.; Piangjai S.; Olson J.K.
1994Comparative efficacy of four methods for the detection of Strongyloides stercoralis in human stool specimensSukhavat K.; Morakote N.; Chaiwong P.; Piangjai S.
2007Comparison between Musca domestica and Chrysomya megacephala as carriers of bacteria in northern ThailandSukontason K.L.; Bunchoo M.; Khantawa B.; Piangjai S.; Rongsriyam Y.; Sukontason K.
2003Comparison of the effectiveness of baits used in traps for adult fly collectionBoonchu N.; Piangjai S.; Sukontason K.L.; Sukontason K.
2001Development of Haplorchis taichui (Trematoda: Heterophyidae) in Mus musculus miceSukontason K.; Sukontason K.L.; Boonsriwong N.; Chaithong U.; Piangjai S.; Choochote W.
2004Differentiation of the third instar of forensically important fly species in ThailandSukontason K.; Sukontason K.L.; Ngern-Klun R.; Sripakdee D.; Piangjai S.
2005Effect of microwave irradiation on the blow fly Chrysomya megacephala (F.) (Diptera: Calliphoridae)Sripakdee D.; Sukontason K.L.; Piangjai S.; Ngern-Klun R.; Sukontason K.
2003Evaluation of the formalin-Tween concentration technique for parasitic detectionMethanitikorn R.; Sukontason K.; Sukontason K.L.; Piangjai S.
2005Evidence of Haplorchis taichui infection as pathogenic parasite: Three case reportsSukontason K.; Unpunyo P.; Sukontason K.L.; Piangjai S.
2001Experimental infection of Gnathostoma spinigerum larvae in prawns and tadpolesSukontason K.; Sukontason K.L.; Muangyimpong Y.; Piangjai S.
2004Fine structure of the eggs of blowflies Aldrichina grahami and Chrysomya pacifica (Diptera: Calliphoridae)Sukontason K.; Sukontason K.L.; Piangjai S.; Choochpote W.; Boonchu N.; Chaiwong T.; Kurahashi H.
2001The First Documented Forensic Entomology Case in ThailandSukontason K.; Vichairat K.; Piangjai S.; Lertthamnongtham S.; Vogtsberger R.C.; Olson J.K.
2005First report of human myiasis caused by Chrysomya megacephala and Chrysomya rufifacies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in Thailand, and its implication in forensic entomologySukontason K.L.; Narongchai P.; Sripakdee D.; Boonchu N.; Chaiwong T.; Ngern-Klun R.; Piangjai S.; Sukontason K.
2007Forensic entomology cases in Thailand: A review of cases from 2000 to 2006Sukontason K.; Narongchai P.; Kanchai C.; Vichairat K.; Sribanditmongkol P.; Bhoopat T.; Kurahashi H.; Chockjamsai M.; Piangjai S.; Bunchu N.; Vongvivach S.; Samai W.; Chaiwong T.; Methanitikorn R.; Ngern-Klun R.; Sripakdee D.; Boonsriwong W.; Siriwattanarungsee S.; Srimuangwong C.; Hanterdsith B.; Chaiwan K.; Srisuwan C.; Upakut S.; Moopayak K.; Vogtsberger R.C.; Olson J.K.; Sukontason K.L.
2005Forensically important fly maggots in a floating corpse: The first case report in ThailandSukontason K.L.; Narongchai P.; Sukontason K.; Methanitikorn R.; Piangjai S.
2003Hairy Maggot of Chrysomya villeneuvi (Diptera: Calliphoridae), a Fly Species of Forensic ImportanceSukontason K.; Sukontason K.L.; Piangjai S.; Chaiwong T.; Boonchu N.; Kurahashi H.
2014Identification of Fasciola species based on mitochondrial and nuclear DNA reveals the co-existence of intermediate Fasciola and Fasciola gigantica in ThailandWannasan A.; Khositharattanakool P.; Chaiwong P.; Piangjai S.; Uparanukraw P.; Morakote N.
2004Identification of forensically important fly eggs using a potassium permanganate staining techniqueSukontason K.; Sukontason K.L.; Piangjai S.; Boonchu N.; Kurahashi H.; Hope M.; Olson J.K.