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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2011Acute effects of air pollution on peak expiratory flow rates and symptoms among asthmatic patients in Chiang Mai, ThailandPhongtape Wiwatanadate; Chalerm Liwsrisakun
1-Jan-2020Air pollution levels related to peak expiratory flow rates among adult asthmatics in lampang, thailandWanwisa Chujit; Phongtape Wiwatanadate; Athavudh Deesomchok; Khajornsak Sopajaree; Kamal Eldeirawi; Ying I. Tsai
1-Mar-2010Air pollution-related peak expiratory flow rates among asthmatic children in Chiang Mai, ThailandPhongtape Wiwatanadate; Muthita Trakultivakorn
1-May-2018Association between urinary cadmium and chronic musculoskeletal pain in residents of cadmium-contaminated area in Northwest ThailandAroon La-Up; Phongtape Wiwatanadate; Sureeporn Uthaikhup; Sakda Pruenglampoo
1-Sep-2012Association of fluoride in water for consumption and chronic pain of body parts in residents of San Kamphaeng district, Chiang Mai, ThailandMontakarn Namkaew; Phongtape Wiwatanadate
1-Apr-2019The comparison of urinary cadmium (Ucd) and urinary lead (upb) between 2007 and 2015 in a population living in a zinc contaminated areaSanhawat Chaiwong; Wikrom Chanthanao; Pramote Loeskhampom; Phongtape Wiwatanadate; Suthipong Sthiannopkao
11-Nov-2019Cutting-edge technology and nocturnal headaches in adolescent smart phone users in Chiang Mai, Thailand: A time series studyWanna Chongchitpaisan; Phongtape Wiwatanadate; Surat Tanprawate; Assawin Narkpongphun; Nipapon Siripon
1-Oct-2020Effect of SNPs in genes regulating cell cycle control, apoptosis and inflammation on lung cancer susceptibility of northern Thai populationRattanasak Wongkomonched; Bruce Rannala; Phongtape Wiwatanadate; Somchareon Saeteng; Jatupol Kampuansai; Daoroong Kangwanpong
1-Jan-2011An exploratory investigation on the microbiological quality of dim sum (pork dumplings) sold in Chiang Mai, ThailandWarangkhana Chaisowwong; Josef Kleer; Marion Reinartz; Maximilian P O Baumann; Lertrak Srikitjakarna; Phongtape Wiwatanadate; Karl Hans Zessin; Thomas Alter; Goetz Hildebrandt
1-Dec-2013Factors related to osteoporosis of postmenopausal women in Phayao, ThailandOrathai Malairungsakul; Phongtape Wiwatanadate
1-Jan-2011Lung cancer related to environmental and occupational hazards and epidemiology in Chiang Mai, ThailandPhongtape Wiwatanadate
9-Jul-2010Pesticide use among farmers in Mae Tha, Thailand: Perceptions of health risk as a determinant of practiceRyan Alano; Chandra Srinivasan; Phongtape Wiwatanadate; Boontuan Kaewpinta; Anthony DiStefano
1-Oct-2017Recommended rice intake levels based on average daily dose and urinary excretion of cadmium in a cadmium-contaminated area of northwestern ThailandAroon La-Up; Phongtape Wiwatanadate; Sakda Pruenglampoo; Sureeporn Uthaikhup
13-Jan-2020Sleep loss among Thai high school students smartphone users affected by smartphone electromagnetic pollution: Time series studyWanna Chongchitpaisan; Phongtape Wiwatanadate; Assawin Narkpongphun; Surat Tanprawate; Nipapon Siripon
1-Jan-2014Stigma, social support, and treatment adherence among HIV-positive patients in Chiang Mai, ThailandMichael Jonathan Li; Jordan Keith Murray; Jiraporn Suwanteerangkul; Phongtape Wiwatanadate
13-Sep-2017Symptom-based data preprocessing for the detection of disease outbreakKhanita Duangchaemkarn; Varin Chaovatut; Phongtape Wiwatanadate; Ekkarat Boonchieng