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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Crude malva nut gum affects pasting and textural properties of wheat flour in the presence or absence of sodium chloridePhimolsiripol Y.; Siripatrawan U.; Henry C.J.K.
1-Jan-2015Development of a concentrated strawberry beverage fortified with longan seed extractSriwattana S.; Sriwattana S.; Phimolsiripol Y.; Pongsirikul I.; Pongsirikul I.; Utama-ang N.; Utama-ang N.; Surawang S.; Surawang S.; Decharatanangkoon S.; Chindaluang Y.; Senapa J.; Senapa J.; Wattanatchariya W.; Angeli S.; Thakeow P.
2014Effect of extraction and concentration processes on properties of longan syrupSurin S.; Thakeow P.; Seesuriyachan P.; Angeli S.; Phimolsiripol Y.
2012Optimization of enzymatic production of fructooligosaccharides from longan syrupSurin S.; Seesuriyachan P.; Thakeow P.; Phimolsiripol Y.
2011Pasting behaviour, textural properties and freeze-thaw stability of wheat flour-crude malva nut (Scaphium scaphigerum) gum systemPhimolsiripol Y.; Siripatrawan U.; Henry C.J.K.
2012Quality improvement of rice-based gluten-free bread using different dietary fibre fractions of rice branPhimolsiripol Y.; Mukprasirt A.; Schoenlechner R.
2009Shelf life determination of frozen bread dough stored under fluctuating temperature conditionsPhimolsiripol Y.
2014Verification of a simple product weight loss model for refrigerated storage of foodsPhimolsiripol Y.; Love R.J.; Cleland D.J.
2011Weight loss of frozen bread dough under isothermal and fluctuating temperature storage conditionsPhimolsiripol Y.; Siripatrawan U.; Cleland D.J.