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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2019Accuracy of laboratory tests collected at referring hospitals versus tertiary care hospitals for acute stroke patientsThanin Lokeskrawee; Sombat Muengtaweepongsa; Pattarapol Inbunleng; Phichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond
1-Jan-2020As-Needed Versus Regular Use of Fluticasone Furoate Nasal Spray in Patients with Moderate to Severe, Persistent, Perennial Allergic Rhinitis: A Randomized Controlled TrialTorpong Thongngarm; Chamard Wongsa; Phichayut Phinyo; Paraya Assanasen; Pongsakorn Tantilipikorn; Mongkhon Sompornrattanaphan
27-Aug-2020Clinical Predictors Influencing the Length of Stay in Emergency Department Patients Presenting with Acute Heart FailurePungkava Sricharoen; Phichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond; Dilok Piyayotai; Yuwares Sittichanbuncha; Chaiyaporn Yuksen; Khanchit Likittanasombat; Ekpaiboon Cheuathonghua
1-Jan-2020Comparative Efficacy and Acceptability of Licensed Dose Second-Generation Antihistamines in Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria: A Network Meta-AnalysisPhichayut Phinyo; Pattaraporn Koompawichit; Surapon Nochaiwong; Napatra Tovanabutra; Siri Chiewchanvit; Mati Chuamanochan
1-Jan-2019Development and validation of a predictive score for preoperative diagnosis of early stage epithelial ovarian cancerWatcharin Chirdchim; Preecha Wanichsetakul; Phichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond; Komsun Suwannarurk; Jatupol Srisomboon
1-Jan-2020Development and Validation of a simple score for diagnosis of Leptospirosis at outpatient departmentsNidhikul Temeiam; Sutthi Jareinpituk; Phichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond; Nattachai Srisawat
1-Dec-2020Development of a clinical diagnostic tool to differentiate multiple myeloma from bone metastasis in patients with destructive bone lesions (MM-BM DDx)Phichayut Phinyo; Titinat Maihom; Areerak Phanphaisarn; Pakorn Kerdsinchai; Ekarat Rattarittamrong; Jayanton Patumanond; Dumnoensun Pruksakorn
1-Sep-2020Development of clinical decision rules for traumatic intracranial injuries in patients with mild traumatic brain injury in a developing countryTanat Vaniyapong; Phichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond; Sanguansin Ratanalert; Kriengsak Limpastan
1-Dec-2020Early-stage ovarian malignancy score versus risk of malignancy indices: Accuracy and clinical utility for preoperative diagnosis of women with adnexal massesPhichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond; Panprapha Saenrungmuaeng; Watcharin Chirdchim; Tanyong Pipanmekaporn; Apichat Tantraworasin; Theera Tongsong; Charuwan Tantipalakorn
1-Aug-2020Effectiveness of press needle treatment and electroacupuncture in patients with postherpetic neuralgia: A matched propensity score analysisPatchara Ruengwongroj; Sombat Muengtaweepongsa; Jayanton Patumanond; Phichayut Phinyo
1-Jan-2020Effiacy and safety of metronomic chemotherapy versus palliative hydroxyurea in unfit acute myeloid leukemia patients: A multicenter, open-label randomized controlled trialSaranya Pongudom; Phichayut Phinyo; Yingyong Chinthammitr; Kanyaporn Charoenprasert; Harutaya Kasyanan; Klaijith Wongyai; Jittiporn Purattanamal; Naiyana Panoi; Anoree Surawong
1-Jan-2020Factors associated with failure of intermittent nebulization with short-acting beta-agonists in children with severe asthma exacerbationPrapasri Kulalert; Phichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond; Chutima Smathakanee; Wantida Chuenjit; Sira Nanthapisal
1-Jan-2020Impact of national lockdown towards emergency department visits and admission rates during the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand: A hospital-based studyWachira Wongtanasarasin; Thanchanok Srisawang; Wanwisa Yothiya; Phichayut Phinyo
1-Jun-2020In vitro drug sensitivity (IDS) of patient-derived primary osteosarcoma cells as an early predictor of the clinical outcomes of osteosarcoma patientsJeerawan Klangjorhor; Areerak Phanphaisarn; Pimpisa Teeyakasem; Parunya Chaiyawat; Phichayut Phinyo; Jongkolnee Settakorn; Nipon Theera-Umpon; Dumnoensun Pruksakorn
1-Jan-2020Indicators for an extended length of stay in the emergency service unit of a Thai community hospital: A multi-level analysisPhichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond
20-Jun-2020Natural disease progression and novel survival prediction model for hepatocellular carcinoma with spinal metastases: A 10-year single-center studyPhichayut Phinyo; Chonmavadh Boonyanaruthee; Permsak Paholpak; Dumneoensun Pruksakorn; Areerak Phanphaisarn; Apiruk Sangsin
1-Jul-2020Pragmatic accuracy of an in-house loopmediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in a Thai community hospitalSarawut Toonkomdang; Phichayut Phinyo; Benjawan Phetsuksiri; Jayanton Patumanond; Janisara Rudeeaneksin; Wiphat Klayut
1-Jun-2020Prognostic factors for all-cause mortality in thai patients with fragility fracture of hip: Comorbidities and laboratory evaluationsPichitchai Atthakomol; Worapaka Manosroi; Phichayut Phinyo; Tanyong Pipanmekaporn; Tanawat Vaseenon; Sattaya Rojanasthien
27-May-2020Prognostic indicators for in-hospital mortality in COPD with acute exacerbation in Thailand: a retrospective cohort studyThotsaporn Morasert; Methus Jantarapootirat; Phichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond
1-Dec-2021Time-dependent treatment effects of metronomic chemotherapy in unfit AML patients: a secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trialPhichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond; Saranya Pongudom