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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Antifungal effect of Hyptis suaveolens oil microemulsion based carboxymethyl mungbean gel for topical deliveryRuttiros Khonkarn; Siriporn Okonogi; Ornanong S. Kittipongpatana; Vilai Boasoung
1-Nov-2006An aqueous film-coating formulation based on sodium carboxymethyl mungbean starchOrnanong S. Kittipongpatana; Nadda Chaichanasak; Sitanan Kanchongkittipoan; Akanit Panturat; Tipawan Taekanmark; Nisit Kittipongpatana
1-Jan-2009Carboxymethyl mungbean starch as a new pharmaceutical gelling agent for topical preparationOrnanong S. Kittipongpatana; Siriporn Burapadaja; Nisit Kittipongpatana
1-Jan-2015Cross-linked carboxymethyl mung bean starch as pharmaceutical gelling agent and emulsion stabilizerNisit Kittipongpatana; Ornanong S. Kittipongpatana
1-Jan-2019Development of a Direct Compression Excipient from Epichlorohydrin-Crosslinked Carboxymethyl Rice Starch with Sodium Silicate Using a Coprocessing TechniqueKarnkamol Trisopon; Ornanong S. Kittipongpatana
Feb-2022Development of a multi-functional rice starch-based pharmaceutical excipient by co-process technique for direct compression of tabletsOrnanong S. Kittipongpatana; Nisit Kittipongpatana; Phanphen Wattanaarsakit; Karnkamol Trisopon
1-Jan-2011Effect of dual hydroxypropyl-carboxymethyl modification on the physicochemical properties of mung bean starchPasit Anutrakulchai; Ornanong S. Kittipongpatana
1-May-2018Enhanced UV protection of ketoconazole using Hyptis suaveolens micro emulsionRuttiros Khonkarn; Ornanong S. Kittipongpatana; Vilai Boasouna; Siriporn Okonogi
1-Jun-2022Fabrication and Characterization of Orodispersible Composite Film from Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose-Crosslinked Carboxymethyl Rice StarchOrnanong S. Kittipongpatana; Karnkamol Trisopon; Phanphen Wattanaarsakit; Nisit Kittipongpatana
1-Jan-2016Physico-mechanical and film-forming properties of carboxymethyl corn starch butyrateOrnanong S. Kittipongpatana; Nisit Kittipongpatana
1-Apr-2022Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Modified KJ CMU-107 Rice Starches as Pharmaceutical ExcipientsOrnanong S. Kittipongpatana; Nisit Kittipongpatana
1-Jul-2007Physicochemical and pharmaceutical properties of carboxymethyl rice starches modified from native starches with different amylose contentOrnanong S. Kittipongpatana; Waree Chaitep; Nisit Kittipongpatana; Reinhard Laenger; Klanarong Sriroth
1-May-2010Physicochemical and pharmaceutical properties of cross-linked carboxymethyl rice starch prepared by a simultaneous dual reactionOrnanong S. Kittipongpatana; Waree Chaitep; Nisit Kittipongpatana
1-Jan-2013Physicochemical, in vitro digestibility and functional properties of carboxymethyl rice starch cross-linked with epichlorohydrinOrnanong S. Kittipongpatana; Nisit Kittipongpatana
1-Oct-2011Preparation and physicochemical properties of modified jackfruit starchesOrnanong S. Kittipongpatana; Nisit Kittipongpatana
18-Jan-2006Preparation and physicochemical properties of sodium carboxymethyl mungbean starchesOrnanong S. Kittipongpatana; Jakkapan Sirithunyalug; Reinhard Laenger
1-Jun-2021Resistant starch contents of starch isolated from black longan seedsNisit Kittipongpatana; Pairote Wiriyacharee; Rewat Phongphisutthinant; Supakit Chaipoot; Chalermkwan Somjai; Ornanong S. Kittipongpatana