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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Design and Synthesis of Caffeic Amides by Structure-based ApproachesChawannuch Mudjupa; Sewan Theeramunkong; Opa Vajragupta
1-May-2022Discovery of Natural Lead Compound from Dendrobium sp. against SARS-CoV-2 InfectionJutamas Jiaranaikulwanitch; Wipawadee Yooin; Nopporn Chutiwitoonchai; Worathat Thitikornpong; Boonchoo Sritularak; Pornchai Rojsitthisak; Opa Vajragupta
1-Jan-2020Lead discovery of a guanidinyl tryptophan derivative on amyloid cascade inhibitionPiyapan Suwanttananuruk; Jutamas Jiaranaikulwanitch; Pornthip Waiwut; Opa Vajragupta
1-Jan-2017Neuritogenic activity of bi-functional bis-tryptoline triazoleJutamas Jiaranaikulwanitch; Sarin Tadtong; Piyarat Govitrapong; Valery V. Fokin; Opa Vajragupta
12-Mar-2021Novel multifunctional ascorbic triazole derivatives for amyloidogenic pathway inhibition, anti-inflammation, and neuroprotectionJutamas Jiaranaikulwanitch; Hataichanok Pandith; Sarin Tadtong; Phanit Thammarat; Supat Jiranusornkul; Nattapong Chauthong; Supitcha Nilkosol; Opa Vajragupta
2-Aug-2021Potential anti-alzheimer agents from guanidinyl tryptophan derivatives with activities of membrane adhesion and conformational transition inhibitionsPathomwat Wongrattanakamon; Jutamas Jiaranaikulwanitch; Opa Vajragupta; Supat Jiranusornkul; Chalermpong Saenjum; Wipawadee Yooin
13-Oct-2016Varying Chirality Across Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Subtypes: Selective Binding of Quinuclidine Triazole CompoundsJiradanai Sarasamkan; Matthias Scheunemann; Nattayaporn Apaijai; Siripong Palee; Warisara Parichatikanond; Kuntarat Arunrungvichian; Steffen Fischer; Siriporn Chattipakorn; Winnie Deuther-Conrad; Gerrit Sch├╝├╝rmann; Peter Brust; Opa Vajragupta