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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2021Borderline personality symptoms: What not to be overlooked when approaching suicidal ideation among university studentsNahathai Wongpakaran; Awirut Oon-Arom; Nuntaporn Karawekpanyawong; Trustsavin Lohanan; Thanakorn Leesawat; Tinakon Wongpakaran
1-Jun-2021Cross national comparison of medical students’ attitudes and beliefs about medical cannabis and its application for pain managementSurinporn Likhitsathian; Offer E. Edelstein; Manit Srisurapanont; Yuval Zolotov; Nuntaporn Karawekpanyawong; Alexander Reznik; Richard Isralowitz
17-Aug-2020Development and validation of a screening instrument for borderline personality disorder (SI-Bord) for use among university studentsTrustsavin Lohanan; Thanakorn Leesawat; Tinakon Wongpakaran; Nahathai Wongpakaran; Nuntaporn Karawekpanyawong; Awirut Oon-Arom; Pimolpun Kuntawong
1-Oct-2020Fluoxetine in acute treatment of children and adolescents with obsessive–compulsive disorder: a systematic review and meta-analysisNarong Maneeton; Benchalak Maneeton; Nuntaporn Karawekpanyawong; Pakapan Woottiluk; Suwannee Putthisri; Manit Srisurapanon
1-May-2021Impact of perceived social support on the relationship between ADHD and depressive symptoms among first year medical students: A structural equation model approachNuntaporn Karawekpanyawong; Tinakon Wongpakaran; Nahathai Wongpakaran; Chiraphat Boonnag; Sirinut Siritikul; Sirikorn Chalanunt; Pimolpun Kuntawong
1-Jan-2021Japan and Thailand: A Cross National Comparison of COVID 19 Impact on University Student Health and Well-BeingAkihiro Masuyama; Daichi Sugawara; Nuntaporn Karawekpanyawong; Phanida Juntasopeepun; Surinporn Likhitsathian; Alexander Reznik; Richard Isralowitz
1-Mar-2022Prevalence and Associated Factors of Depression in Medical Students in a Northern Thailand University: A Cross-Sectional StudySuwatthanachai Phomprasith; Nuntaporn Karawekpanyawong; Kanokporn Pinyopornpanish; Wichuda Jiraporncharoen; Benchalak Maneeton; Phichayut Phinyo; Suppachai Lawanaskol
1-Jun-2021The prevalence of depressive disorder and its association in Thai cervical cancer patientsNuntaporn Karawekpanyawong; Kewalee Kaewkitikul; Benchalak Maneeton; Narong Maneeton; Sitthicha Siriaree
1-Jan-2022Thai Medical and Nursing Students: COVID-19 Fear Associated with Mental Health and Substance UseNuntaporn Karawekpanyawong; Surinporn Likhitsathian; Phanida Juntasopeepun; Alexander Reznik; Manit Srisurapanont; Richard Isralowitz