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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Dec-2023The Construction of knowledge space in accordance with the teachiings of khruba chaiyawongsa pattana in karen communityNongyao Nawarat; Pisith Nasee; Kwanchewan Buadaeng; Porluck Pinraruek
31-Jan-2023Cultivating global citizenship in Migrant Learning Centers on Thailand-Myanmar bordersNongyao Nawarat; Prasit Leepreecha; Pisith Nasee; Wanida Lertvorapreecha
Sep-2019Cultural citizenship construction in Thailand – Lao PDR border schoolNongyao Nawarat; Kwanchewan Buadaeng; Prasit Leepreecha; Wasan Sapphasuk
5-May-2023Developing participatory teaching materials to promote multicultural learning for primary school classroomNannaphat Saenghong; Nongyao Nawarat; Prasit Leepreecha; Natcha Promsri
Sep-2023Development of the English language curriculum based on culturally relevant pedagogy for students in Chiang Mai peri urban areaNongyao Nawarat; Panadda Rerkplian; Omsin Chatuporn; Panadda Pananil
1-Jan-2018Discourse on migrant education policy: Patterns of words and outcomes in ThailandNongyao Nawarat
1-Jan-2018Education obstacles and family separation for children of migrant workers in Thailand: a case from Chiang MaiNongyao Nawarat
Mar-2023Educational quality of higher education through learning outcomes and the employability of graduates: A Case study of Nong Lam University in VietnamNongyao Nawarat; Pisith Nasee; Charin Mangkhang; Quan Thuan Kieu
May-2023Empowering social workers through feminist training curriculumNongyao Nawarat; Punika Apirakkraisri
5-Oct-2023Gender representation in English textbooks and classroom praxis: a Thai state secondary public school, Chiang Rai ProvinceNongyao Nawarat; Nannaphat Saenghong; Prasit Leepreecha; Kwanruan Choosrichom
1-Jan-2022Multicultural Literature for Multicultural Education: Idealism, Reality and Practicality in a Thai Tertiary Education ContextThanis Tangkitjaroenkun; Nongyao Nawarat; Omsin Jatuporn
May-2023Multicultural teaching and learning in an ethnically diverse school in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan, ChinaNannaphat Saenghong; Nongyao Nawarat; Prasit Leepreecha; Yang, Jianlin
27-Dec-2023Politics of commoditizing ethnic culture in Chiang Rai Flower FestivalPrasit Leepreecha; Chusak Wittayapak; Nongyao Nawarat; Songkran Jantakad
11-Oct-2023The Practices of construction and reconstruction of ethnicity, Galyani Vadhana’s District Schools, Chiang Mai ProvinceNongyao Nawarat; Pisith Nasee; Kwanchewan Buadang; Phisit Rojkanarach
1-Jul-2018The Public Regime for Migrant Child Education in Thailand: Alternative Depictions of PolicyNongyao Nawarat; Michael Medley
1-Jan-2016Rethinking institutional responses to the 1997 economic crisis: A survival crisis for marginalized workers in ThailandNongyao Nawarat
1-Jan-2020Strategy of local curriculum development by participatory action research: A case study in multi-ethnic school, chiang mai, ThailandNanthawan Watthanawara; Nongyao Nawarat; Bupa Anansuchartkul; Sitthinat Praputnitisarn