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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Adaptive control and synchronization of the perturbed Chua's systemBotmart T.; Niamsup P.
2013A constructive way to design a switching rule and switching regions to mean square exponential stability of switched stochastic systems with non-differentiable and interval time-varying delayRajchakit M.; Niamsup P.; Rajchakit G.
2005Controllability and stability of the perturbed Chen chaotic dynamical systemPlienpanich T.; Niamsup P.; Lenbury Y.
2011Delay-dependent exponential stabilization for uncertain linear systems with interval non-differentiable time-varying delaysBotmart T.; Niamsup P.; Phat V.N.
30-Nov-2012Delay-dependent guaranteed cost controller design for uncertain neural networks with interval time-varying delayRajchakit M.; Niamsup P.; Rojsiraphisal T.; Rajchakit G.
2013Delay-dependent synchronization for complex dynamical networks with interval time-varying and switched coupling delaysBotmart T.; Niamsup P.
2011Exponential stability of discrete switched delay system via new discrete type inequalityTipcha J.; Niamsup P.; Rojsiraphaisal T.
2013Exponential stability of uncertain switched systems with multiple non-differentiable time-varying delaysLa-Inchua T.; Niamsup P.
2013Guaranteed cost control for switched recurrent neural networks with interval time-varying delayNiamsup P.; Rajchakit M.; Rajchakit G.
2008Improved exponential stability for time-varying systems with nonlinear delayed perturbationsNiamsup P.; Mukdasai K.; Phat V.N.
2003Lactobacillus thermotolerans sp. nov., a novel thermotolerant species isolated from chicken faecesNiamsup P.; Sujaya I.N.; Tanaka M.; Sone T.; Hanada S.; Kamagata Y.; Lumyong S.; Assavanig A.; Asano K.; Tomita F.; Yokota A.
2013LMI approach to decentralized exponential stability of linear large-scale systems with interval non-differentiable time-varying delaysRajchakit M.; Niamsup P.; Rajchakit G.
2011An LMI approach to stability for linear time-varying system with nonlinear perturbation on time scalesMukdasai K.; Niamsup P.
2009New discrete type inequalities and global stability of nonlinear difference equationsUdpin S.; Niamsup P.
2013New results on robust stability and stabilization of linear discrete-time stochastic systems with convex polytopic uncertaintiesNiamsup P.; Rajchakit G.
2005A note on asymptotic stability conditions for delay difference equationsKaewong T.; Lenbury Y.; Niamsup P.
1-Jan-2015Novel criteria for finite-time stabilization and guaranteed cost control of delayed neural networksNiamsup P.; Ratchagit K.; Phat V.
2011The novel sufficient condition for stability of discrete-time control system of neural networksRatchagit K.; Niamsup P.; Phat V.N.
2009Permutable entire functions satisfying algebraic differential equationsZheng J.-H.; Niamsup P.; Maneeruk K.
2013Recent advances in hybrid dynamical systemsLiu X.; Niamsup P.; Wang Q.; Zhang Y.