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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2018Baccalaureate nursing students' perspectives of peer tutoring in simulation laboratory, a Q methodology studyTing Li; Marcia A. Petrini; Teresa E. Stone
1-Jan-2020Conducting survey research: Part 2: What you need to know about adaptation, administration, and interpretation of instrumentsWipada Kunaviktikul; Teresa E. Stone; Sue Turale; Marcia A. Petrini
1-Jan-2018Effect of information of patients' coping style on pregastroscopy anxietyYuan Yuan Liu; Yan Qun Liu; Marcia A. Petrini
1-May-2018Effects of a Home-Based Resistance Exercise in Chinese Individuals Living With Physical Disability: Resistance Exercise on PWPDLi Ya; Marcia A. Petrini
1-Jan-2019Empty-nest elderly: Mahjong and Chinese square dance for improving the cognitive function in the communityYue Zhang; Marcia A. Petrini
1-Dec-2020Health beliefs and practices regarding cervical cancer screening among women in Nepal: A descriptive cross-sectional studyMuna Maharjan; Niresh Thapa; Dharma Panthi; Narayani Maharjan; Marcia A. Petrini; Yang Jiong
1-Dec-2018Impact of cervical cancer on quality of life of women in Hubei, ChinaNiresh Thapa; Muna Maharjan; Yan Xiong; Daqiong Jiang; Thi Phuong Nguyen; Marcia A. Petrini; Hongbing Cai
1-Feb-2018Impacts of a Simulation-Based Interprofessional Intervention on Chinese Health StudentsJin Na Wang; Marcia A. Petrini
1-Feb-2018Incidence, Type, Related Factors, and Effect of Workplace Violence on Mental Health Nurses: A Cross-sectional SurveyBing Xiang Yang; Teresa E. Stone; Marcia A. Petrini; Diana L. Morris
20-Jul-2018Prevalence and type-specific distribution of human papillomavirus infection among women in mid-western rural, Nepal- A population-based studyNiresh Thapa; Muna Maharjan; Girishma Shrestha; Narayani Maharjan; Marcia A. Petrini; Na Zuo; Can He; Jing Yang; Mengfei Xu; Caiyun Ge; Ziye Song; Hongbing Cai
1-May-2019Prevalence of Teenage Pregnancy in A Community Hospital of Rural Nepal: A Cross-sectional StudyMuna Maharjan; Niresh Thapa; Narayani Maharjan; Pabita Rai; Prakash Pun; Marcia A. Petrini; Jiong Yang
1-Apr-2018Quality of life of Nepalese women post mastectomyMuna Maharjan; Niresh Thapa; Raj Devi Adhikari; Marcia A. Petrini; Kapendra Shekhar Amatya
1-Sep-2018Self-Selected and Prescribed Intensity Exercise to Improve Physical Activity Among Inactive RetireesZhinan Yang; Marcia A. Petrini
1-Jun-2017Swearing and verbal aggression in China: A call to actionYan Sun; Teresa E. Stone; Marcia A. Petrini
1-May-2018Translation and Adaptation of a Nursing Swearing Impact Questionnaire Into ChineseYan Sun; Teresa E. Stone; Bingxiang Yang; Marcia A. Petrini; Margaret McMillan