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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Dec-2015Advantage of dual-confined plasmas over conventional and facing-target plasmas for improving transparent-conductive properties in Al doped ZnO thin filmsLong Wen; Manish Kumar; B. B. Sahu; S. B. Jin; C. Sawangrat; K. Leksakul; J. G. Han
1-Mar-2016Enhancement in Thermoelectric Properties of Cubic Ge<inf>2</inf>Sb<inf>2</inf>Te<inf>5</inf>Thin Films by Introducing Structural DisorderManish Kumar; Athorn Vora-ud; Tosawat Seetawan; Jeon Geon Han
13-Apr-2017Low-bandgap, highly c-axis-oriented Al-doped ZnO thin filmsLong Wen; Manish Kumar; Hyung Jun Cho; Komgrit Leksakul; Jeon Geon Han
5-Jan-2016Molecular simulation for thermoelectric properties of c-axis oriented hexagonal GeSbTe model clustersAthorn Vora-ud; Meena Rittiruam; Manish Kumar; Jeon Geon Han; Tosawat Seetawan
5-Nov-2015Nanoscale surface conductivity analysis of plasma sputtered carbon thin filmsAmjed Javid; Manish Kumar; Jeon Geon Han
15-Jun-2015Simultaneous enhancement of carrier mobility and concentration via tailoring of Al-chemical states in Al-ZnO thin filmsManish Kumar; Long Wen; Bibhuti B. Sahu; Jeon Geon Han
15-Feb-2016Surface energy and wettability control in bio-inspired PEG like thin filmsAmjed Javid; Manish Kumar; Long Wen; Seokyoung Yoon; Su B. Jin; Jung Heon Lee; Jeon Geon Han
26-Oct-2015Tailoring of microstructure in hydrogenated nanocrystalline Si thin films by ICP-assisted RF magnetron sputteringKyung Sik Shin; Bibhuti Bhusan Sahu; Manish Kumar; Komgrit Leksakul; Jeon Geon Han