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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Association between stroke knowledge, stroke awareness, and preventive behaviors among older people: A cross sectional studyLinchong Pothiban; Chomphoonut Srirat
17-Sep-2019A causal model of parenting stress among first-time adolescent mothersKingfa Sanglee; Linchong Pothiban; Sujitra Tiansawad; Chavee Baosoung; Darawan Thapinta
1-Jan-2022Effectiveness of a Home-Based Coping Enhancement Program for Stroke Survivors: A Randomized Controlled TrialSunanta Tangnitipong; Nuttamon Vuttanon; Linchong Pothiban; Rojanee Chintanawat
1-Jun-2007Effects of a diabetes self-management program on glycemic control, coronary heart disease risk, and quality of life among Thai patients with type 2 diabetesChodchoi Wattana; Wichit Srisuphan; Linchong Pothiban; Sandra L. Upchurch
1-Oct-2021Enhancing autonomy and self-management behaviors through a patient-centered communication program for older adults with hypertension: A randomized controlled trialPikul Audthiya; Linchong Pothiban; Sirirat Panuthai; Rojanee Chintanawat
1-Oct-2022Enhancing Self-Management through Geragogy-Based Education in Older Adults with Uncontrolled Hypertension: A Randomized Controlled TrialKiattisak Ongkulna; Linchong Pothiban; Sirirat Panuthai; Rojanee Chintanawat
1-May-2020Factors associated with psychological well-being among parents of a critically ill child in pediatric intensive care unitJiraporn Punyoo; Linchong Pothiban; Usanee Jintrawet; Jutarat Mesukko; Sanit Reungrongrat
1-Apr-2022Factors Explaining Quality of Life in People with Kidney Transplant: A Cross-sectional StudyLalida Noppakun; Tipaporn Wonghongkul; Linchong Pothiban; Nuttamon Vuttanon
1-Sep-2021Factors predicting coping in older people with dementia: A cross-sectional studyPhanit Leecharoen; Linchong Pothiban; Rojanee Chintanawat; Totsaporn Khampolsiri
1-Jan-2021Factors predicting parent participation in caring for hospitalized children with chronic diseasesVatinee Sanyod; Linchong Pothiban; Jutarat Mesukko; Srimana Niyomkar
1-Jan-2022Factors Predicting Spiritual Well-Being among Dependent Older PeopleDoungmon Trapsinsaree; Linchong Pothiban; Rojanee Chintanawat; Tipaporn Wonghongkul
1-Jan-2006Osteoporosis preventive behavior in Thai older adults: Feasibility and acceptabilitySupard Aree-Ue; Linchong Pothiban; Basia Belza; Khanokporn Sucamvang; Sirirat Panuthai
1-Jan-2020Quality of life and the associated factors among family caregivers of older people with dementia in ThailandLinchong Pothiban; Chomphoonut Srirat; Nahathai Wongpakaran; Orawan Pankong
1-Jan-2020Quality of life of older people with dementia in ThailandLinchong Pothiban; Rojanee Chintanawat; Nahathai Wongpakaran; Chomphoonut Srirat; Khanokporn Sucamwang