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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Sep-20102-[3-(2-aminoethylsulfanyl)propylsulfanyl]ethanamine bearing dansyl subunits: An efficient, simple, and rapid fluorometric sensor for the detection of mercury(II) ionsWanichacheva N.; Kamkaew A.; Watpathomsub S.; Lee V.; Grudpan K.
12-Oct-2016Anatase TiO<inf>2</inf> (101) and wurtzite ZnO (001) modified polymer for visible light-photocatalytic efficiency enhancementKantawong T.; Lee V.; Nimmanpipug P.
1AnkPlex: Algorithmic structure for refinement of near-native ankyrin-protein dockingWisitponchai T.; Shoombuatong W.; Lee V.; Kitidee K.; Tayapiwatana C.
15-Feb-2011Combined quantum-mechanics/molecular-mechanics dynamics simulation of A-DNA double strands irradiated by ultra-low-energy carbon ionsNgaojampa C.; Nimmanpipug P.; Yu L.; Anuntalabhochai S.; Lee V.
1-Apr-2012Computational Design of Peptide Inhibitor Based on Modifications of Proregion from Plutella xylostella Midgut TrypsinJitonnom J.; Lomthaisong K.; Lee V.
25-Nov-2016Density functional theory calculations of hydrogen dissociative adsorption on platinum-involved alloy surfacesKodchakorn K.; Lee V.; Yana J.; Nimmanpipug P.
1-Dec-2011Fragment-based molecular design of new competitive Dengue Den2 Ns2b/Ns3 inhibitors from the components of fingerroot (Boesenbergia rotunda)Frimayanti N.; Zain S.; Lee V.; Wahab H.; Yusof R.; Rahman N.
1-Jan-2011Hybrid QM/MM study on the deglycosylation step of chitin hydrolysis catalysed by chitinase B from Serratia marcescensJitonnom J.; Mulholland A.; Nimmanpipug P.; Lee V.
1-Oct-2010Influence of metal cofactors and water on the catalytic mechanism of creatininase-creatinine in aqueous solution from molecular dynamics simulation and quantum studyLee V.; Kodchakorn K.; Jitonnom J.; Nimmanpipug P.; Kongtawelert P.; Premanode B.
4Insight into the molecular mechanism of P-glycoprotein mediated drug toxicity induced by bioflavonoids: an integrated computational approachWongrattanakamon P.; Lee V.; Nimmanpipug P.; Sirithunyalug B.; Chansakaow S.; Jiranusornkul S.
1-Jan-2016Mechanical properties study of plasma treated epoxy-base post in dual-material systemsSangprasert W.; Lee V.; Yavirach P.; Boonyawan D.; Nimmanpipug P.
25-Nov-2016Monte carlo and molecular dynamics simulations of surface modification of DNA interacted with ultra-low-energy carbon atomsLee V.; Ngaojampa C.; Nimmanpipug P.; Yu L.
1-Oct-2016Nucleotide binding domain 1 pharmacophore modeling for visualization and analysis of P-glycoprotein–flavonoid molecular interactionsWongrattanakamon P.; Lee V.; Nimmanpipug P.; Jiranusornkul S.
1-May-2016Nucleotide-binding domain 1 modelling: A novel molecular docking approach for screening of P-glycoprotein inhibitory activity of bioflavonoidsWongrattanakamon P.; Lee V.; Nimmanpipug P.; Jiranusornkul S.
31-May-2011Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics modeling of substrate-assisted catalysis in family 18 chitinases: Conformational changes and the role of Asp142 in catalysis in ChiBJitonnom J.; Lee V.; Nimmanpipug P.; Rowlands H.; Mulholland A.
2014Randomized phase II study of two intercalated combinations of eribulin mesylate and erlotinib in patients with reviously treated advanced non-small-cell lung cancerMok T.S.; Geater S.L.; Iannotti N.; Thongprasert S.; Spira A.; Smith D.; Lee V.; Lim W.T.; Reyderman L.; Wang B.; Gopalakrishna P.; Garzon F.; Xu L.; Reynolds C.
1-Mar-2010Synthesis of a novel fluorescent sensor bearing dansyl fluorophores for the highly selective detection of mercury (II) ionsWanichacheva N.; Watpathomsub S.; Lee V.; Grudpan K.
16-Sep-2010Theoretical description of electromagnetic nonbonded interactions of radical, cationic, and anionic NH<inf>2</inf>BHNBHNH<inf>2</inf> inside of the B<inf>18</inf>N<inf>18</inf> nanoringMonajjemi M.; Lee V.; Khaleghian M.; Honarparvar B.; Mollaamin F.
-VP1 residues around the five-fold axis of enterovirus A71 mediate heparan sulfate interactionTan C.; Sam I.; Lee V.; Wong H.; Chan Y.