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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019A development of ubiquitous learning support system based on an enhanced inquiry-based learning approachKrittawaya Thongkoo; Patcharin Panjaburee; Kannika Daungcharone
1-Jan-2019Effects of digital learning on students' learning achievement in learning computer programmingKrittawaya Thongkoo
1-Jan-2022The Effects of Thinking Process Model Technique on Logical Thinking Skills Influencing Programming AchievementKannika Daungcharone; Krittawaya Thongkoo
1-Jan-2015Empirical study of collaborative learning knowledge management system for Thai studentsKrittawaya Thongkoo; Chiraporn Thongkhu
1-Mar-2020A Game-Based Learning Approach on Robotics Visualization for Loops in Programming ConceptsJirapipat Thanyaphongphat; Krittawaya Thongkoo; Kannika Daungcharone; Wantana Areeprayolkij
1-Jan-2020Implementation of mobile game-transformed lecturebased approach to promoting C programming language learningKannika Daungcharone; Patcharin Panjaburee; Krittawaya Thongkoo
15-Nov-2017An Inquiry Blended SECI Model-Based Learning Support Approach for Promoting Perceptions and Learning Achievement of University StudentsKrittawaya Thongkoo; Patcharin Panjaburee; Kannika Daungcharone
1-Jan-2019Integrating inquiry learning and knowledge management into a flipped classroom to improve students' web programming performance in higher educationKrittawaya Thongkoo; Patcharin Panjaburee; Kannika Daungcharone
1-Jan-2019A mobile game-based C programming language learning: Results of university students’ achievement and motivationsKannika Daungcharone; Patcharin Panjaburee; Krittawaya Thongkoo
1-Jan-2016Mobile learning development for supporting computer programming skillsKrittawaya Thongkoo
1-Mar-2020Smart Learning Environment to Augment the Learners' Programming SkillsKannika Daungcharone; Krittawaya Thongkoo; Jirapipat Thanyaphongphat
1-Mar-2020Students' Acceptance of Digital Learning Tools in Programming Education Course using Technology Acceptance ModelKrittawaya Thongkoo; Kannika Daungcharone; Jirapipat Thanyaphongphat
15-Nov-2017Using Digital Game as Compiler to Motivate C Programming Language Learning in Higher EducationKannika Daungcharone; Patcharin Panjaburee; Krittawaya Thongkoo
1-Jan-2022Using Flipped Classroom: MOOCs and Active Learning Approach to Promoting Undergraduate Students' Learning AchievementKrittawaya Thongkoo; Kannika Daungcharone